i haven't seen this day before

if i could i would break into flower.
if i could i'd no longer be barren.
this day is filling up my room,
is coming through my door.
oh i have not seen this day before.

oh mourning dove, we'll go up to my roof.
oh mourning dove, we'll go into the sky.
this day is filling up my room,
is coming through my door.
oh i have not seen this day before.

and the cars are a stream running by me,
bend away to a place i don't know,
this day is filling up my room,
is coming through my door,
oh i have not seen this day before.

{by innocence mission}


Char said...

beautiful - I've never heard that song before

georgia b. said...

Char, you should check this group out. they are probably my favorite group and have been since my sweet sistah, Angela first introduced me to them.

All of their songs are so peaecful to me and evoke the best things in me.

I recommend you check out the album Befriended. But they are all SO good.

Unknown said...

can't wait to check them out. the lyrics really speak to me. on the topic of music... calvin invested into a really good sound system as he is very pedantic about the way things sound. the classical sounds of vivaldi filled my ears while we were packing up the house and i wished for a moment that time could stop and that we could just sit in silence on the couch together and take it in. i know that you are the one person who would appreciate such a moment.

margie said...

it isn't just the look of the magnolia, they seem to have such a huge presence in life. glamourous, almost. came from shutter sisters today. i love when i see someone i know posting over there!!

ELK said...

always looking for new music...by the way when will your book be published..hint hint

beth said...

off to check out the music...and your photos and words...perfectly done !!!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Beautifully put together! I love it.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos and beautiful words

georgia b. said...

Kamana. i wish i could reply to your comments on your blog. :(

hopefully you get my response here. your Himalaya shots are gorgeous!

Rochelle said...

Hope you don't mind, friend, but I tagged you on my post today. No pressure to participate, but if you do, just let me know. :) Hope you're doing well.

~h~ said...

Which song is this? Your photographs paired with these lyrics are di.vi.ne. :)