macro monday {+ mosaic monday}

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i was going to say "today i'm taking a break from macro monday to do mosaic monday." but then i realized that most of the shots in my mosaic were taken with the macro setting on my little camera. so i can still call it macro monday. {by the way, when i had started my macro monday series, i thought it was an original thought. but i should have known someone else already thought of it. i'm not even sure who started macro or mosaic monday, but regardless of who it was, i'm joining in on the fun.}

i tend not to do a lot of mosaics or collages, because the column width of my posts is somewhat narrow as is, so i feel like the photos would be too small to see after being shrunk down even smaller to fit in a collage. but i forget that you can click on the image to see it better if you want––see the caption under this collage.

the big clock shot is of the giant clock in the center of the historic downtown where i live. the rest of the shots are my husband's stopwatch and a wristwatch {bottom right} that i gave him for his birthday one year.

here is another shot of the stopwatch.

i really liked photographing this piece. it was so much fun to try it from all kinds of angles. i like stopwatches. i wish men wore them more. they just bring me back to a simple time––when i was a little squirt. my dad used to wear one. i can still remember him taking it from his little suit vest pocket on sunday to check the time. it just seems so old fashioned and makes me think of the good old days.

speaking of dad, how was your father's day? mine was nice. my husband's parents came over for dinner. they were here from florida for a wedding in buffalo, but made sure to stop through to see us. i was so happy to be able to spend father's day with my other dad––dad-in-law. he calls me "cutey" and that always makes me feel special. while we sat and ate, i put on some al hirt in honor of my dad {who was a huge fan}. because of that, i had to fight the tears from welling up while we sat talking and eating together.

a lot of people have said a lot of nice things regarding my dad and what i wrote about him over these last few days because of his birthday and father's day. if you were one, i thank you. i have to say, reading this e-mail from a friend before i went to bed last night was just about the best thing i could have seen after a long, difficult day. it said this:

"hey george {that's me}- wanted to encourage you this day as i thought about your dad and the way he touched the lives of all around him- looking forward to seeing him in Glory."

wow. that blessed me beyond measure. thank you.

okay, back to our night––after dinner the hubby and i played guitar and sang {respectively} for his parents. that was a lot of fun! {note to self: next time, wait at least an hour after stuffing your belly with tacos before trying to sing if you want to sound half-way decent.} i hope your father's day was good.

happy {macro + mosaic} monday.

~ ~ ~

oh, and this too. i keep forgetting to post this for kath over at soeurs du jour in response to this post. this is my play along shot.

mine was not an intentional blur like hers, and the face is not in focus, but i still loved how this shot turned out. i love the way it captured color and good times––laughter and dinner with one of my friends and her kids in the back yard on the deck on a warm summer-like evening.

there you go, kath. thanks for the invite to play along.


Anonymous said...

Those are very cool shots and nicely collaged together to make one really nice piece, macro or mosaic :)

I shed tears over my dad tonight, too, and was kind of surprised because it's been 11.5 years and I don't think I normally cry on Father's Day (although I, of course, think about him as well as on most other days). But we were out at dinner and when the wine came, toasted our dads (Tony and I, his dad has also passed), and it just kinda hit me. I meant to toast them in a happy way.

Your blog is such a pleasure to read (and look at).

beth said...

it sounds like your weekend was perfectly filled with love and laughs and memories that are lodged in your heart...xo

Dani said...

guess what! i love stop watches too! when andrew and i first got together, we were like 19, and i bought him a stopwatch. which he carried with him until he dropped and broke it. then, after we got married, i bought him another one. which he dropped and broke. so, while i love them, he's not getting anymore stopwatches.
i love your photos and am glad you got to have a happy, nostalgic father's day.

ELK said...

time heals and hopes ~your images are shining

Sandy K. said...

I love your macro mosaic today. I also stole the idea and composed my own today:). Thank you!
Father's Day was great. My husband got to do what he loves to do- fly. Check my post from yesterday for a favorite photo from our flight. It is also a bittersweet day for us, as we no longer have dads, or granddads, in the picture. It's a wonderful way to bring up a memory or two, however. My sister and I played "remember the time..." through email:).

Char said...

i feel your good and tough day. ((hugs))

beautiful shots.

Haphazardkat said...

I love the pocket watch pic!!! Gorgeous.

You must pop over to http://haphazardkat.blogspot.com and see the pics of my new kitty :D

spread your wings said...

it sounds like a lovely day. i know it was a hard day for you, no one can take the place of "dad" but having your father-in-law there must have been nice – atleast it sounds as if you get a long well with him.
love pocket watches - reminds me of my grandfather, well my dad too. clocks remind me of my dad. he has about 5 or more different grandfather, mantel, cuckcoo clocks, etc that he manually winds every night.

Simply Stork said...

love the pocket watch shot...I have a pocket watch key I wear on a chain. I think it goes to a watch like that one :o) who knows???


Eva said...

That pocket watch is gorgeous! I love it! Your macro mosaic is perfect. Happy Monday!

alissa said...

im with you on the pocketwatches - a much simpler time. maybe the women should bring back the trend :)

kath said...

Oh Georgia! It's wonderful ... we did more of it this week. I don't love all of the shots but it's fun to know how to do it.