november gratitude {part two}

the things i complain about.

like traffic, because it means i have a car.

like long lines at the grocery store, because it means i have enough money to buy groceries.

like the unusually high number of cloudy days we've had, because it makes the fall color look richer in photographs.

like having the slowest computer of all time, because it's teaching me patience.

like being too busy, because it means i have things to do.

all this to say, i'm not thankful that i complain. it's just silly and it's plain wrong. and i find myself doing it far too often these days. it's something i really want to work on. i was with a friend having coffee when a man was leaving the cafe and decided to stand in the doorway with the door wide open for some strange reason. {there was no one else around, so he was not holding it open for somone.} it was cold out, i had not had much sleep the night before, and that combination made for one cranky me and some mumbled words of dissatisfaction at his lack of consideration.

my friend called me out on my grumbling attitude, and i realized i am far too vocal when things bother me. but even worse, i let too many things bother me. i absolutely do not want to be that way. {that's the sign of a good friendship, by the way... when they can call you on something and you don't get offended.} it was a good wake-up call, and it came at a good time -- during this month of reflecting on what i have to grateful for.

that said, i feel like i'm coming down with something, but i think it's allergy related. everyone's been burning leaves the last few days, and whenever that starts, so do my overreacting sinuses. so i'm pretty sure it's just that, and not a real bug. i've got so much going on this month, and i'd really hate to get sick. but even if i do, you're gonna have to check in on me and make sure i'm not complaining about it. {wink}

i hope this tuesday finds you happy and healthy and grumble-free.

{photo caption: i took these two shots a few weeks ago at nature day 2009 -- an event started and run by the same friend who called me out on my murmuring ways. this is at one of the most beautiful nature preserves around.}


Hi Kooky said...

two thumbs up. going grumble-free isn't easy, so kudos to you for being aware and making the effort. And the shots - are beautiful! They look so painterly. Rich color.

Dagmar said...

What a great way to express your grace. Love this post. AND your new header is taking my breath away, I wanna know what's behind the curtains.

margie said...

georgia it seems i am living vicariously through your blog these days.

S. Etole said...

beautiful photos ... I like the way you split them and added text ... good friends are truly something to be grateful for, aren't they?

Lisa said...

wow, georgia...you hit the nail on the head with this one for me! it's sooo weird, i was just thinking along these lines yesterday. actually the bit about traffic i can really relate to. yesterday i was driving home from work and there was a lot more traffic than usual. i found myself becoming extremely annoyed and impatient. i was "in a hurry" (<---why is this so often the case theses days???) and i just wanted the traffic to start moving. and then i saw a cop car making it's way very quickly with it's lights on along the shoulder. and i started thinking...that something pretty awful must have happened up ahead, to make traffic so bad. and i started thinking...if traffic is the worst thing i've got to complain about right now, i should consider myself lucky! sure enough, the culprit of all the traffic was a really bad accident, and i felt even more ashamed of my impatience when i saw it. it just sort of helped me to put things into perspective...and it's pretty cool that you wrote this post and just reiterated it for me. :) thank you!

leaca said...

tired but grumble free.

ginny said...

hi georgia,
this post has really made me think about the things i complain about and i too will try and turn them around as you have done.
hope you do not get sick... being busy is good buit we have to make sure we look after ourselves too and get enough rest.
your photos are wonderful as always.
warmest wishes
ginny x

spread your wings said...

love this post!! you've got such a gracious attitude about everything. and of course your photos are beautiful as always. that does look like a gorgeous place to spend some time with a camera
thank you for reminding us to look at things on a more positive note than to complain

Anonymous said...

I like the split photos also, good idea. And I'm afraid I complain too much, too. I have been told that I'm an entertaining complainer, though, so at least I'm not negatively impacting others (I guess).

CDScott said...

Great post and love the photos throughout! I always enjoy your take on things...have a wonderful rest of your week!

Sandy K. said...

Hello! Grumbly? Complaining? Ah yes...qualities to work on. Welcome to my world lately:). But your photos are beautiful and I would really like to know how you split them as you did, creating a thoughtful passage within? Can you share?

I am thankful for friends to come back to when I've been distanced and crazed.

georgia b. said...

hi, sandy! it was really quite simple. i used photoshop. i'll e-mail you in more detail with the specifics and maybe a few screen captures as a mini-tutorial.

thanks. glad you like it!

Beauty 2 Behold said...
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Beauty 2 Behold said...

Awwwe Georgieeee...I LOVE IT! Way to go on writing about being thankful, girlfriend! How true and what a great reminder! For the record, it was cold when he left the door open (for no reason)...so it's okay. But I'm still laughing, because I can actually still see the expression on your face and hear the "oh, c'mon" you chanted. ; ) Maybe you should have taken my sweater afterall. I just LOVE your blog! Your pictures are truly incredible! WILL SOMEONE PLEASE FIND THIS GIRL AND MAKE HER FAMOUS!!!!! It's about time already! Love you, girl!

Steve Gravano said...

Beautiful photos I love the design. You're a natural for graphic design.

Kara said...

Beautiful post - you have a lovely blog