on my way to kellie's house

right after i pulled off the road.
it was raining,
so i thought maybe i could take them
in the safety of the warm, dry galant.
but, i knew that wouldn't do.

these last three are for jessi
and her grandma,
who loves dead trees.
so do i.
i hope to meet jessi's grandma
some day.

beautiful countryside
littered by filthy man.

sans litter.

get back in the car, georgia.
everyone is looking at you
standing in the rain.
what will kellie think of your drenched hair?


Chris said...

I love this idea! Another surprise! It makes total sense, since you love photography so much. I hope you have fun with your new creative outlet. You certainly have the pix (and the wonderful talent) to keep posting all the time!

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

thanks. i just wanted to be able to post all my pics, but not clutter up my other blog, which is mostly for design ideas and inspiration.

Claire said...

I just love your photography! It is whimsical and poetic in a way that speaks to me. I will be back here often...