i just watched the film, atonement, a couple of nights ago.
it stirred up a lot of thoughts in my little ol' head.
this poem has been bubbling to the surface ever since.
i finished it in the middle of the night last night.
it says everything i wanted it to, but i'm not sure about the flow.
anyway, here it is.

my heart was taken from me—
flesh ripped right out.
for the other source of life in me
believed a liar
who said i could have more
so as to sabotage 
one more ordained love.

"come back. come back to me."

it's not the liar who made the atonement,
rather He who loves me,
my heart,
our union.

and how you look like Him, my heart,
since you've been back.


Jekisa Jean said...

absolutely beautiful.

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

thanks, yessica.
coming from you, that means a whole lot!!!

you would be proud of me.
i wrote four poems in the middle of the night last night.

your encouragement has nudged me to write more. so thank you.

Claire said...

the flow is just what it needs to be. it says exactly what it needs to say in the way it needs to be said. i never confine myself to certain poetry structures. it is too limiting.

carry on writing as you have here...from the heart. for that is structure and flow from God's own hand.

as for the essence of the poem. it is for me right now.right here.

Chris said...

Brilliant. I absolutely love it, just the way it is. And the image is breathtaking!