i’m drowning.
in bills
in clothes
in things
in thoughts
in work
in stimulation
in lists
in piles
in ideas
in inspiration
in relationships
in grudges
in goals
in desires
in words
in waiting
in memories
in pictures
in stuff.
i’m rich beyond belief.
make me poor.
save me from myself.
save me from my selfishness.
take me to a dry and empty
land--island--You land
where there’s nothing
to distract me from You.


Claire said...

Georgia you really should be writing more. Thank you for this gentle reminder this morning. I need it. I am swamped and your poem has drawn me back to where I belong.

Leigh said...

That would be moi as well.

Chris said...

Me three.

kat said...

Wow. I too can relate to this sentiment. Well put.

jtrue said...

This is fantastic, I love the surprise ending especially (totally didn't see it)! How subtle, yet brutally honest.

Val said...

Just found your blog and I already love it!