crimson and gold

the guest is gold and crimson
by emily dickinson

the guest is gold and crimson
an opal guest and gray
of ermine is his doublet
his capuchin gay

he reaches town at nightfall
he stops at every door
who looks for him at morning
i pray him too—explore
the lark's pure territory
or the lapwing's shore!


onesilentwinter said...


O. Joy said...

your words are so evocative........... beautiful shots!

Claire said...

the last photo's angle is really great. it leads you into the depth of the entire scene.

cutcopycreate said...

wow these are so pretty ;) great work!

Savvy Mode SG said...

beautiful images and thoughts.

ELK said...

georgia ~ the plant is very unusual with the two colors ~ I like the more "bright" green too ...and crimson so much more descriptive than red!

do you choose the poem or photo first?

Jekisa Jean said...

this made me think of our fall walks :)

i love that our God is a God of beauty.
and i love that you capture the pieces so well.

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

Elk—I usually try to find a quote are poetry that goes with my picture, as I take pictures of everything around me—usually with no words or thoughts in mind. Every once in a while, I look for a picture opp. that goes specifically with something I want to say. (or look back at my old photos for one that would go with what i want to say.)

Chris said...

So pretty :)