it may officially still be here, but autumn '08 sure seems like a thing of the past. two significant snow falls in three days has made it go into hiding. i took these on a brisk cold fall day after it had rained the day before. the next day the wind blew leaves all around, but these marks remained on the sidewalks. they remind me of old fossils or something.


Jekisa Jean said...

i have never seen that before!
how neat! i'ts amazing to me that you catch things like this!

Chris said...

Very cool!

shilvia said...

i see jumping squirrel on the first...and leaf or paws on second...am i imagining things now? :)

Julia said...

I see a fox in the first one...I love this idea!

Ida said...

Wow! such amazing photos!

Sandy Toes said...

What great pictures!
-sandy toes

LornaSmithStudio said...

Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog. I think the bottom image looks like a dinosaur footprint!
Also diggin your photos of the number 2...really love your photos.
Hope you have had a good Thursday.
Lorna X

Claire said...

it reminds me of scars
permanent reminders
that leave marks
of a past
that grace alone
can redeem
like spring
that lifts
your eyes heavenward
to the trees...