path of promise

i promised you long ago.
it’s not that i didn’t know how.
it’s just that i didn’t know how for you.
so i still kept my promise.
it just went around you and further on.

i promised you last week.
it’s not that i couldn’t.
it’s just that i couldn’t for you.
so i still kept my promise.
it just didn’t make it all the way to you.


shilvia said...

hmmm, i wonder what this is about...somehow i can relate it to my own emotions that i'm feeling at the moment!!!

Claire said...

not sure what your thoughts are but i understand the effect of intention and reception not being understood in the same way...

Peter Tschirhart said...

What is this a picture of? A terracotta tile? The interior of a cinder block? I see it as an opening to the deepest, most mysterious cave. that of your imagination.
I like the up close, low light work that you're showing.

It makes me think of how artists in the era before photography strove for exact representation in their work. Than along came the camera, in an instant realism could be rendered on film. The artist refused to compete with a machine, and movement after movement were born. Visual art became so much more than a mimicry of life, it became about idea and emotion.

The camera would not be content to be a record keeper, it found its way into the hands of the artist and photography became about idea and emotion too.