a kiss on the cheek—
it’s the best thing received.
from a lover, a friend—
even grandmas,

only better is one
that is given by fathers.
it’s not just a longing.
it’s more of a

lips touched to cheek.
warmth upon warmth.
can you argue with this?
no, i’m sure we’ve

{i wrote this because my hubby just gave me the nicest kiss on the cheek. whenever he does, it reminds me of my papa's kisses on the cheek—so full of affection and so telling of his love. i really miss those kisses. i really need them.}


Claire said...

the need you speak of is so real to me...

Char said...

such a sweet poem. I love those thoughtful memories. I lost my dad almost nine years ago and still miss him everyday. On Saturdays he would faithfully call me at 7:00 a.m. and though I was well over 30, he would call me baby.

Jane said...

Thank you for sharing. So sweet.
You are blessed to have had such a wonderful dad. I lost my mom two years ago and can empathize some.

Simone said...


Chris said...

Very sweet! :)

shilvia said...

adorable, simply adorable!!!your words gets me all fuzzy in the stomach :)

spread your wings said...

so sweet and tender is the kiss to the cheek. lovely poem

J. P. Zinn said...

Hey, I googled your mom's name to see if I could find her newly published book and ran across your blog. I wish I lived closer to you and your family and had never really lost touch. I'm thankful for those times we had together so many years ago.