i scoffed at you
on warmer days
on younger days

now i feel you closer
than ever before

i feel you scoff
right back at me
in cooler years
in middle years


Char said...

WOW that my friend is a fantastic shot.

EnnythingGoes said...

did you write this?

Georgia B. said...

yes, mama. i wrote it.

Peter Tschirhart said...

I feel the scoff as well, in these middle years. I can now not leave the house with out hat and gloves, at least until after April has past. A wonderful photo, a very good poem.

ELK said...

yes G~ but it will be OK!! can we stop aging? no but we can embrace it! love the photo my young friend!!

Jane said...

Gorgeous photo, truly!!

Claire said...

definitely one of your best photos.

remeber that you have late blooming on your side my g and there is no way that you look as if you are ageing. you are still gorgeous!

Jekisa Jean said...

great writing.

warmer days/
cooler years??????
nice juxtaposition,
and it has a wonderful sound to it,
flows very nicely.

this is GOOD.

Georgia B. said...

thanks, Yessi. you've made me smile from ear to ear.

Dianna said...

so beautiful!

love your blog & thanks for visiting mine.

Georgia B. said...

my pleasure, Diana.

Chris said...

Stunning! You are doing amazing things with that little camera of yours!

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