it's time

pictures of my desk at work

my coffee mug {which i usually use for tea with chris}

some CDs that i listen to throughout the day

the foot of the gnome that guards me and hangs out in my plants

my assortment of tea

my sticky note pad {plain yellow is so boring}

as some of you may already know, the doors of my company are being shut, and when this happens, i will be out of a job. i've written a little more about it here. but i wanted to post something on this blog, too.

i actually took these pictures quite some time ago—just random things on my desk—'cause i'm a geek that way. but now i am glad i did. it's a small way to record the time i've spent here—many, many hours.

this job is the shortest i've ever had—less than two years. it's not been my favorite job ever, but i have made some dear friends, and i will miss many things about this place. i had such a great little space with a great window view. right outside my window is an evergreen tree. the ground outside is level with my desktop, and this is where the window starts. so it's desk . . . window . . . ground—almost like i'm working outdoors. and in the winter, it feels like it, too. {the chilly temperatures i feel despite my little heater blowing full blast is something i will not miss.}

i have all kind of little creatures who come to visit almost daily outside. squirrels, robins, geese, even rabbits from time to time. it's just a joy to look out the window at this every now and then. i've had other jobs with my own office before, but i've never had a window spot, so this is something i will miss. i will post some more pictures of things i captured outside my window on another post.

i will also miss having tea breaks with my lovely friend, chris. she and i would meet every morning and every afternoon for tea. it was our time to talk about blogging or fashion or design or anything we wanted to. we enjoy it so much and still will for the next two months. but then, it's good bye. that makes me very sad.

i'll miss all my other buddies, too—like chip and zak and barbara and jen and joe and courtney and claire. it will be hard to say goodbye. but i am grateful for the time i had at this company. it served me well for the time i had it. i can not complain, as i know so many others are in the same boat or worse. it is where i started my blogs and spend much of my time after the work day is done to do blogging. i will certainly miss the fast, loaded-with-updated-software computer that i have the luxury to work on. hopefully my next job will have the same.

i just don't know where i will be next. my post on jorjah-b talks about this, but the path is unclear. i only know that i will be okay. i've made it sixteen years so far in the industry. whether i stay in it or not remains to be seen. but even if i don't, everything will be okay.

a very dear friend told me something very helpful yesterday when he found out i lost my job. he said this:

"it's a good thing that we are so much more than our jobs. our jobs might dry up, but as people and friends, we have to hope that we can flourish."

wow! what a thing to say to someone who just lost their job. you can't know what it meant to me. it helped me very much.

another dear friend sent me this bible verse:

"i will never leave you or forsake you."

i told her that i wept when i read it, because it meant so much to me—even in relation to other things in my life—not just the job loss.

i am doing okay today. yesterday i was not. but today i am. this is a scary time to be out of a job. and even if the economy were doing better, our situation is not. but i will be okay. i've been through a lot in my thirty-seven years. i watched my family struggle through many financial difficulties as a child, and we always came through and are still here to tell about it.

i have hope and peace today. this may wane a little from time to time, but i'm okay.


ELK said...

GB through out both of your posts here and at the other blog the word I see is PEACE...you seem to be able to wrap yourself in this with your best friend and strongest supporter, sweet hubby!

Feel all the feelings of this change the bad...the exciting and take it one day at a time.

God has plans for you not to harm you but to prosper you to give you a hope and a future Jeremiah 29:11

I have so missed your wonderful posts on your blog...come back soon my dear...ELK

Char said...

Weeping may tarry for the night,
but joy comes with the morning.

—Psalm 30:5

this is the night and I know that good things will come. I'm thinking of you.

Dianna said...

sorry to hear the news. i was in your place about 5 months ago. it has hit us all and it's really tough. keep your chin up and know that good things are on the horizon. it will get better.

spread your wings said...

I am sorry to hear about the loss of your job, but I hear strength in your tone and feel sure you will be just fine.
It does sound like you had a wonderful environment in which to work. I wish for you all the best in the new things coming your way.

p.s. i look forward to seeing your happy bird mosaic soon.

Oliag said...

...an old adage is "as one door closes another opens up" New challenges, new adventures...

Claire said...

and as that hope wanes and renews, i will be right here for you. i cannot wait to see the new georgia emerge from this.

most importantly though... God is in the midst of it all and not planning on retiring at any point.

keep looking up...

Ida said...

My prayers are with you :)

Rochelle said...

My prayer for you... as sent to me some time ago by another friend so I don't claim to have written it...

"Lord, help me to keep my focus and to not allow the challenges I face to distract me from fulfilling Your will for my life. I know that the enemy keeps surrounding me with distractions because You have called me to do something important. Rather than let these nuisances break me and steal my joy, help me keep my eyes focused on that day when I stand before You. I ask that Your Spirit will supernaturally energize me to push beyond the obstacles and keep pressing forward to the high calling You have designed for my life! I pray this in Jesus' name, Amen."

Love you!

Jamie said...

You see bunnies from your window!? That's so cool. I love the paperclip photo the best.

I've left all my sappy thougths on Jorjah-B so here I'll just say...Look out world. Georgia's heading out on her next big adventure - and it's gonna be awesome!

Silver said...

There'll be new beginnings. Changes sometimes are the best things that can happen..

D.K.Fisher said...

Georgia, I have a friend going through a really hard time too right now with her marriage and work and she made the statement to me that just says it all. This is a season, seasons pass. We all go through hard times and I try to remember that statement when I'm having a bad day. We will have better seasons and better days. Hang in there.

LornaSmithStudio said...

I have a good feeling that things will change for the better.
I hope your new work, wherever that may be, will be warm and another lovely window to enjoy.
Your teas look very interesting..tasty. It sounds like you have some good friends and a fab hubby to look after you (they are quite handy sometimes!).
Take care of yourself
Lorna xxx

Chris said...

I love this post. Sorry I have been rather lax in commenting on it, though! I'm so glad for you though and I think you have a great perspective on things. I think this is definitely a good thing for most of us who are getting laid off from our company, and an opportunity to change direction and do what we've always wanted to do.

margie said...

disheartening to be in this position but you will be fine. you sound so grounded and that will help to move you to your next adventure. notice i said adventure and not job. hopefully the new job will be an adventure. good luck.

leaca said...

It is so scary to hear about how many are out of work or will be out of work lately. God is in control...thank goodness.

shilvia said...

as one door closes, another opens...that i believe :)

Hannah Grace said...

wow you are such a talented photographer to take such ordinary subjects and make such works of art. Hang in there it will get better, God is faithful!

Bruce said...

Read your other post. Like the idea of making sweet lemonade from the lemon.