off to see the world

this is a picture of one wall in one room of my house. the antique hanging lantern from my husband's parents has such an old world feel that makes me think of travels—especially against the fabric that is hung on the wall. the fabric was purchased and hung by my husband, and its pattern reminds me of old maps.

so, this picture made me want to write about places i've been and places i want to go.

i've had the pleasure of being able to travel quite a lot in my years thus far. i've had the opportunity to visit over thirty of the fifty united states. i have traveled to nine countries. and i have stepped foot on two continents.

i've seen the grand canyon and the swiss alps. i've seen the clearest blues of the caribbean waters. i've seen some of the grandest structures that europe has to offer. i've driven among peaceful country with fields as far as the eye could see. i've tasted the rich foods of many rich lands.

but there are so many more places i want to see and experience. here are just some of the far off places i hope to visit in my life—some cities, some countries, some little towns, even an entire continent.

{in no particular order}
new zealand
se juan teneo
prince edward island
africa {starting with south africa}
bora bora
alaska {i'd like to go on an alaskan cruise}

where is it you want to go?


joshua said...
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Peter Tschirhart said...

I can recommend P.E.I. But I'm going to have top look up Zihautanejo, Are you sure your just not making stuff up? :) :)
that's quite an ambitious list, I hope you get your wish. Me I'm in the mood for Dublin.

Georgia B. said...

I'll leave you to tell me what movie Zihautanejo is from, Peter. If you can find out where it is, you can find out what movie it is from. It's one of my favorite movies of all time—hands down. I bought the DVD of it before I ever owned a DVD player—that's how much I love it. The movie is what caused me to want to go there.

And, please tell my non-function brain (due to being sick) what P.E.I. is.

Peter Tschirhart said...

Prince Edward Island! :) The Province is so small that in geography class thats the only way we could fit it on the map.

Georgia B. said...

oh, silly me. my ear infections are spreading to my brain.

i was thinking you were giving me a recommendation of something that was not on my list.

:) province is small? or you're a lazy typer?

thanks for the tip. i will make it there some day. of all i've listed, it is one of the more likely.

even the hubster would go with me on that one. he loved Somewhere In Time just as much as I did.

have you figured out which movie Zihautanejo is from yet?

Peter Tschirhart said...

Zihuatanejo=Shawshank Redemption.

great movie, you got me on that one. My friend's brother knows that film inside out, on the night before my friends Wedding we sat in a pub and he amazed us with quote after quote, of course being guys we made jokes about marriage and prison. :)

Georgia B. said...

oh, well then you would have loved some of my dad's jokes about marriage. these are the ones i remember always hearing. you can add them to your repertoire.

"A man's not complete until he's married—then he's finished."

"It seems like just yesterday I got married, and you know what a lousy day yesterday was."

he had more, but they are escaping me at the moment. he never meant a word of them, and my mother loved the jokes as much as he did. he learned them all from a man in Chicago who sort of took him under his wing when he was very young. we called him Uncle Roger, even though he was not a real uncle.

Uncle Roger came to my wedding, and he told everyone of those jokes in a little mini comedy sketch at the reception. he had the guest rolling. he died recently, and i'm so glad i had him there. great memories.

wow, can we say tangent?

Silver said...

Hey, how come there is no MALAYSIA on this list, huh?

Char said...

Greece (I just watched Mama Mia), Tuscany, Provence, Chile, Ireland, and I'm sure I can think of a few others.

Char said...

ps - I love the fabric too

spread your wings said...

that's some list of travels. I've been to some wonderful places but none quite so exotic. The place I most want to go right now is the Provence region of France. I want to walk amidst the purple fields and let the scent of lavender fill me to intoxication.
btw, I love the fabric you have hanging on your wall.

Georgia B. said...

Peter, lest you think only one person came to my wedding, that was a typo when i said he had the guest rolling. :)

Silver, i'm adding it now. i've heard Malaysia is lovely, too.

Char, i have not see that movie, but Greece is one place that i would like to go today. it just seems so clean and exotic. and i would love the food! people often guess that i am Greek—especially because Georgia is a common name for Greek women.

Spread Your Wings, first of all, i'm sorry that i don't know your first name. secondly, i have a friend who goes to Provence in France with her family. she got engaged in a place that sounds like what you described! how incredible would that be? great ideas. oh, to be a world traveler!

ELK said...

I am loving your wall and the fixture ~ you will get to all of those places I just know it...


mountains and the beach...anywhere!
right this moment ...to sleep

Oliag said...

Love that fabric and the light fixture!

Would love to go to...Greece, Vietnam, Thailand, Chile and Antartica, return to Italy, and on and on..

~B~ said...

Well I think the fabric is very old looking and fantastic. As a Alaskan Girl(Bord and rasied) I say hands down go there next time your traveling shoes go a walking.

There are so many things to see, the people are great. Make sure you go to the Alaskan Wild Berry Factory and Eat at Humpy's Downtown for some of the best Smoked Salmon Dip.

I am envy that you have been to so many states. I just have been to 11. Plus no father than the border of Lousianna that is against Texas. Sad....=(

Now your list of countries to vist is a good one. As you asked here is mine and some I have been too.

Well I live in Belgium but that still counts, Germany, France, England, Luxemborg,Netherlands. Are the places I have been so far in the 7 months I have lived here. Oh and been to Canada but that is an easy one.

I have trips planned to Veience, Italy end of this months just for the day though. Dublin, Ireland this March, Spain in April and then Egypt in Oct. I work for a travel group and it is so cheap to travel if you dig for good O'Ryan air tickets. I never thought I girl from Alaska one day could say I was going to "Italy" for the day. Still must see before I die are:

Brazil, Mexico,Iceland, Bahamas,Scotland,Greece, New Zealand, Austrilla, Switzerland,Budapest,Moscow Russia,Taj Mahl Hall in India, would love to see the Cherry Blossom trees in Japan. My husband has been there so he is lucky.

Thanks for another great read

O. Joy said...

I sense an adventurous soul!! We have some common destinations!!
Newfoundland, Lithuania, Russia, Scotland!And every state in the US!

Heather said...

Spain in the spring is (hopefully) next!

There are many others, but one thing at a time for me.

:) Heather

Photographic Memories said...

I want to go to Ireland! Tell me all about it! I envy you!

Jamie said...

I'm looking forward to a trip to Girona, Spain in June! I was born in Alaska and it's definitely a beautiful must see place. If you ever make it to Washington I'll show you around!

Georgia B. said...

WOW!! you all would love to travel as much as I would! how fun!

if I were rich, I would travel the world. and I'd try to hit every spot you all mentioned, too! thanks for all the comments!

Chris said...

I've already been to Montana, Wyoming, and Washington. I want to go to Alaska still, and Pete would like to go to Ireland. Hawaii was great, I'm so glad I went. And I keep dreaming about Australia, which is weird, cuz I've never really had the urge to go there, but maybe I should?

Jane said...


And thanks for the Erwitt quote. I hope you don't mind that I 'stole' it from you and have it on my sidebar too!

Georgia B. said...

of course i don't mind, Jane. i'm glad you like it! it is a good one, isn't it?

it's perfect for an amateur like me, because it gives weight to my motive for taking pictures. it's exactly my philosophy about this medium.

Fym said...

Wow...what a list. Africa and Iceland are the top fews on my list! =-)

Loving your room's wall colour.

shilvia said...

you have a wall like that???wow...if i have a wall like that i will endlessly stare into it!!!

i love winter, any winter place is good for me :)

Ms Unreliable said...

I love the photo, the light fitting and the fabric are both gorgeous, kudos Mr. Georgia :D

What a great list too, New Zealand is on the top of my list, I still haven't made it over there even though it's my neighbour! Hoping to go some time this year and finally see snow, yay! If you ever make it down this way, make sure you pop over to Australia too, we don't have hobbits but we do have...other stuff. :D

Sherah said...

Oh yes, I remember this post!

Not sure why Ireland has such a draw... I just want to be there, sitting at my great aunt's, during a rainstorm, drinking tea.