one of the few poems i have ever written

what is this cord that has lassoed me?

a book i've not yet read,
but whose cover makes me want to.
whose description and excerpt have so much pull.

a song whose score i've never studied,
but whose melody i've heard whistled
and has such draw.

a long walk i have not taken,
but whose path i can see from where i stand
and it beckons me.

i must read this book.
i must see this song's manuscript.
i must walk this path.

until then, i might not breathe.


Peter Tschirhart said...

Gasp, Beautiful.

Char said...

How beautifully you put into words what my heart whispers. fly little dove, fly.

Jane said...

The shadow on the snow is just so beautiful as are your words. I love coming to your blog.

nike dunk said...
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Oliag said...

I loved the new shadow picture...then was totally blown away by your poem...you are very talented...this poem speaks to me..

Georgia B. said...

Thank you, dear Oliag. I have been equally impressed by your posts.

It is sweet of you to stop by and take time to read mine. I really do appreciate this.

Dianna said...

your writing is so beautiful.

Chris said...

Ah, sounds so much like me right now...

ELK said...

it is just that....breathless!

Jekisa Jean said...

such words of elegance and passion, expressing artist's need for creativity,

such words of simplicity and devotion expressing a little girls desire for unexplored territory and adventure.

i am writing this one down in my "inspiration" journal.

G, i am really speechless.

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