the office

i found out yesterday in a company meeting that everyone will be released at a date determined by work load and how much they will be needed until the official closing date of april 1st.

my release date—the last day i am required to come in to work—will be march 13th.

so, let's see. that makes my last day of work friday, the 13th. and my last day of pay is april fool's day.

now, i am not a superstitious person, but i thought this was pretty funny. actually, i thought it was not very funny at all. especially since i was hoping i might be released at the end of February and have an entire month of pay during march without having to go in to work.

some employees have been "lucky" enough to have been released one week from yesterday. but others have to work one or two weeks beyond me. so i guess i have no room to complain.

i'm trying to see it as the glass half full. i may not have a whole month to look for another job and get caught up on other things in my life, but i still have two weeks. and i am still in a better place than a lot of people in this economy who have been laid off immediately.

so, superstition aside, i am looking on the bright side. it was a bit of a pill to swallow yesterday, but i am feeling better about it today. still, it's quite odd—the dates that my release and last day of pay happen to fall on—isn't it?


Char said...

ironic yes .... I know this feeling oh so very well. sorry hon.

Sara said...

I hope it all works out fine...and yes, it is a bit of a weird coincidence

Ms Unreliable said...

It's tricky in times like these to see the glass as half full...so fill the glass to the brim with vodka and all will be well :D

I'm sure you'll find a new job in no time! Sending good luck vibes your way, even on Friday the 13th!

Claire said...

i am continually praying.

a friend jokingly said to me the other day that they would like to slap murphy in heaven one day. he does seem to be at work in your life.

Bruce said...

The sooner you can redirect your energy to developing your talents, as you are planning to do! You will be starting with that on Saturday the 14th. Now, aside from 14 being the atomic number for silicon, and that it can be properly divided by 1,2 and 7, I cannot really find any advantages. There is one however: a proper sonnet has 14 lines to it. So perhaps you should start your new life by writing a sonnet and adorning it with some of your excelent photo's.

Jamie said...

Wow. It seems so wrong to let those days fall on those dates. On the glass half full side...a new adventure is just around the corner!

Rochelle said...

Wow, you're right... funny but not-so-funny at the same time! Praying for you!!!! *HUGS*

ELK said...

i will think positive thoughts about your next adventure ...love the shadowy images!