april scavenger hunt

i'm taking the {photo challenge} that i found over at a favorite blog called {smile and look alive}.

the challenge is to take a photo of each from the list below and post by april 31st.

01 - self portrait
02 - candy
03 - a fortune
04 - a dream
05 - a sign of aging
06 - coffee or tea
07 - unique architecture
08 - something you can't live without
09 - something you hate
10 - something orange
11 - musical
12 - a close-up
13 - something multicolored
14 - 5:00
15 - wishful thinking
16 - something delicious
17 - water
18 - something really tiny
19 - tastes like spring
20 - outdoor art

the rules are simple.
  • take and post at least 15 on your blog by april 31st.

  • avoid cliches! think outside the box... far, far outside the box if you want to.

  • new photos only! posting a photo you took before today is cheating. honor code.
  • have fun.
i love this idea, because sometimes i run out of ideas of what to shoot, although i am lucky to have jamie and peter who keep me on my toes and give good ideas or "assignments".

so the scavenger hunt is just one more way to look through my lens in a whole new way. it not only gives me ideas, but forces me to be creative and think outside the box. i love that!

i found out about this scavenger hunt after i got home from my photo shoot, but i realized that some of the photos i took today could work for some of the requirements that are in the list. (hopefully that is allowed.) all these photos were taken within a couple hours and about 500 yards.

so here's what i have. numbers 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12, 16, 17 and 20.











that was so much fun! little did i know my trip to the river would produce so much for this challenge. i already have 10 of the required 15, but i think i will try to do them all.

what do you think? does it sound like a fun challenge to you? i think you should try it!


Char said...

what fun! I may have to take up the challenge too

you did a great job on your first time at bat

Erica said...

Wow, you're way ahead of me and it was my idea! Haha now I can't be a slacker. I think your "sign of aging" one might be my favorite :)

Jamie said...

Cool challenge!! You really did a fantasic job. The exposure, the framing...it's all spot on.

Now, did any of those river photos work for one of our projects? Haha! I tease.

Beautiful shots G!

JLBO said...

I like the way you responded to the challenge ! So spontaneously ! And your shots are both relevant and imaginative. Bravo !