last snowfall

it snowed here today.
i took pictures.
here is one of them.

i was tempted to be upset.
but i couldn't be,
for it was quite pretty.

almost exactly four months ago i posted this.
this was the picture
from that first snowfall.

here we are at the end of march.
winter is past.
our first and {hopefully} last
snowfalls looked very similar.
heavy and thick.


Leigh said...

Oh yes it hit there as well, wow beautiful photos though. It is so true we seem to get the heaviest snow falls right before the spring air stays.

Have a wonderful week :)

Ida said...

So beautiful, so still, love the snow and how it settles so gently.

JLBO said...

Yes, a lull in the storm of life...A moment of peace of the heart and mind. A simple blessing.

spread your wings said...

it's so, so pretty.
even though I love the spring and the warm weather that awaits us I didn't get my fill of snow down here in the south.

Heather said...

Beautiful! As ready as I am for spring and sun, snow is always stunning and peaceful. Thank you for stopping by my blog -- I hadn't even thought about how those last two photos went together!

Ms Unreliable said...

I know you're probably sick of snow...but I'm still jealous! :D

victoria thorne said...

these are fabulous...magic