missing you

i went from two weeks of not working and all the time in the world to blog to my heart's content, to having to work 10 hour days {which will last for the next two weeks} and having no time for blogs or blogging.

i was just getting used to having the time to visit all your blogs again—daily. and now i'm going to have to go without some days. :(

i'm wiped out tonight. but i promise i will be back. it's just a temporary job {much needed}, but i will be back in full swing again after that. unless of course i find a permanent job—but even then, it will hopefully only be eight-hour days.

i promise to visit you as often as i can. i have so many photos i want to post here, too. they are just going to have to wait. don't forget—good things come to those who wait. :)

see you all very soon. my bed is calling my name, or rather, i am calling out for it. must go to sleep now. night night.


{photo caption: my sister's fire place mantel}


Rochelle said...

blessings to you, sweet Georgia! praying for you! ***Hugs***

~B~ said...

Like I said we will wait. It is a double edged sword to be tired from working yet blessed to have that feeling. Just work on that and good sleep.

spread your wings said...

rest up, do the work you need to do and we will look forward to hearing from you soon.
love the photo

ELK said...

the image is so restful and so when your long hours are complete each day get the rest you need and know that I will applaud upon your return.....E L K

Char said...

I'll miss you sweetie....and your wonderful words and photography. but...it's a good thing that you're doing and I'm happy for you.