self-portrait and playing tag

saw this over at shutter sisters.
the rules are to:

1. sit down.
2. take a picture of yourself right now. don't primp, just snap one!
3. upload it.
4. tag three people to do the same.

well, i did not get tagged,
and i did not sit down {i was walking},
but i did take pics of myself without primping.
and i shot two instead of one.

these were taken before i even saw the post on shutter sisters.
i was on a photo shoot, walking through the forest preserve,
when i turned the camera on myself and clicked—
not knowing if the camera was even directly on me.
this is what i got.

then i took the pics in photoshop,
made them black and white
and used the diffuse glow filter—i had to.
they were too scary otherwise.

so posting them here is rule no. 3.
and here is rule no. 4.
i am to tag three people.
i'm tagging these three people.


Jamie said...

You're so dolly G. Hope your friends play along and let us see them too.

Char said...

:) lovely georgia - you never need to primp

sweetsalty kate said...

These are so cool!

elk said...

well how wonderful these two photos are ~so artistic!i know what you mean about taking them...not a favorite of mine but I am stretching...

Alicia said...

Cool photos! I love the over exposed look in b&w!! I want to try it!