you, whose day it is,
get out your rainbow
colors and make it

(traditional nootka song)


Sherah said...

Those lines are beautiful.

Happy first day of Spring!

Jaime said...

Hello :)

Just wanted to come by and thank you for visiting my blog..you have some beautiful images here! I will be back to see more :)

You asked for a letter...I just closed my eyes and ran my finger along the words of a book and stopped on the letter A.
Have fun!

So nice to meet you :)

spread your wings said...


ELK said...


Georgia B. said...

Thank you, Jaimee! I can't wait to do something with this!

O. Joy said...

Such beautiful words for a fab image! I can see it as a card!!
Happy Spring!

Jamie said...

At a first glance - this looked like a paintbrush to me. The imagery is perfect for these words. High-five on the DOF!

Georgia B. said...

thanks, Jamie! i'm glad you noticed, because that is actually why i chose that picture—i thought it looked like a paint brush, too. see? this is why we have a blog together! :)