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this is the photo i was looking for the other night and could not find. it's for someone who likes trains as much as i do. he wrote this about his reasons for liking them:

"i can picture tracks stretching on, like metal cables strapping together a land, binding people and communities to one another, i see it also as a metaphor for change, people boarding trains, moving on, saying good bye."

i have to agree with these, and i also have some reasons of my own. i have lived near the train station for about four years now. i also lived near some train tracks about twelve years ago for a few years—far enough so that it did not really shake the house, but close enough that i was able to hear the faint, soothing noise of the train. it is such a comforting sound to me. even the train horn that i hear every time i sit at the computer is one of my favorite sounds. trains evoke nostalgia for me.

so you will see me posting several pictures of trains from time to time. there is just something about them


spread your wings said...

i have never lived near a train, but my grandmother did and I loved to hear the click-clack of the track, especially at night when all else was quiet.

Haphazardkat said...

i live by tracks too :)
I love the sound of it as it passes by and enjoy sitting waiting for it to pass when it blocks me from leaving my private drive out across the tracks to the public road.

Jodi said...

lovely picture, I really like it!

Jamie said...

I likey! The colors are awesome and the font you chose fits the image perfectly. My grandma lived near train tracks for years and I used to love hearing it roll by off in the distance....that brings back good memories.

Char said...

I used to date an engineer....he was always taking shots of rails from his POV (usually the engine or the caboose) and I loved the vanishing viewpoint.

I love your train shots and how you turned this one into a fantastic poster.

beth said...

"there is just something about them"...I love that!! and sometimes I think only other camera lovers can understand that....the need for many pictures of the same thing that all look different to us...we're interesting like that, aren't we?