shy bird

this was posted in response to this post on shutter sisters today. it was taken right after i got in the parked car on the side of a street in the middle of a busy city.

as soon as i got in, i noticed this bird perched on the fence looking too cute not to have its picture taken. i debated whether or not to even get the camera and try to capture it, because i knew as soon as i did, the bird would fly away. {that always happens to me.} all the while, it stood there facing me.

i decided i would try. i knew i had to act quickly. i got the camera ready, raised it, centered the bird in the view finder and focused in on the bird—yes, the bird still still facing me. between the brief moment of focusing and clicking the button to take the picture, the bird did a complete 180. i couldn't believe it!

but at least it did not fly away. if it had, i might think the bird a bit rude. but since it only turned around, maybe it was just shy.

regardless, i liked the shot. there is something really neat about a bird perched in the middle of a forest of concrete to me.


beth said...

I "shot" birds alot the past few days and they are soooo sneaky...right when I'm ready, they move, fly, drop to the ground, fly away....so it does make me happy to "get one" staying in one place !!!....way to "get" him !!!

spread your wings said...

i've been shooting birds this weekend too and almost every time they fly away when i raise the camera. glad you captured this little shy fellow.

ELK said...

what a gem ~GREAT capture ...i have no luck with birds...i "shoot" paper ones!!

Georgia B. said...


thanks, ladies! so glad to know i'm not alone.

ELK, i loved your comment—i shoot paper ones. that cracked me up. that's like someone who is bad at maintaining plants and keeping them alive {like me}—they just have fake plants.

Haphazardkat said...

Add to your resume: Bird paparazzi! :)

Char said...

it's an adorable shot - and this happens to me all the time with birds.