you want to be a writer,
don't know how or when?
find a quiet place,
use a humble pen.

– paul simon

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

i'm thinking of taking a writing class. i don't want to be a writer for a living, but i would not mind learning a thing or two about it to get better—especially since i like to do some writing on my blogs every now and then.

i've got so many friends who are good writers. i know several people {including family} who write really good song lyrics, too. i've always envied that. i'm still trying to write the words to a song that i said i would write almost a year ago. i have not even finished one line. it's so much more difficult than i thought it would be.

do you like to write?
where do you go when you do?
do you seek a quiet place?
what is your place?


spread your wings said...

i can not write but I admire those that can. Georgia I feel like you write very well. I love coming here and reading your words - your thoughts.

beth said...

I love to write and would also LOVE to take a class....

I wake up in the morning sometimes and run to find a piece of paper to write down things that have filled my head while I was sleeping...

my most recent post is a result of my sleep filled head !!!

Georgia B. said...

Thank you, Leslye.

Beth, my best writing comes to me at night while i am in bed, too. Not sure why. Probably because that is when i am not trying.

Char said...

I think taking a creative writing class would be wonderful - you should totally do that.

Sara said...

I am always hit by the desire to write at the strangest times and in the strangest of all places...for example, while driving in my car...or in the shower..
Otherwise, it's just very random how I am hit by the need to write. And the words just flow out of my pen.

Georgia B. said...

Char, thanks for the encouragement. You are a big reason I want to be a better writer and photgrapher.

Sara—oh, my goodness! You are one of the most creative writers I have come across in blogland. I just love to see what you write when I visit One Long Road! It's fun to know how this inspiration of yours hits you.

Sherah said...

Georgia, definitely take a class! Also, you should read "Bird By Bird," by Anne Lamott (if you haven't already). It's a fantastic book on writing; I think you'll love it.

I've heard that it helps to have a set time from writing, every day. Unfortunately, my writing is sporadic, and a little too impulsive... :)

Jamie said...

Yes! You should totally do it. It will be so worth it.

I write at my computer and usually like to have it quiet - maybe something soft without lyrics in the background. My writing is more like a conversation with a friend so I have to say it out loud as I'm writing. Wow - i'm such a weirdo.

Jekisa Jean said...

if Paul Simon is right,
then you are already a great writer.

because there is no one else i know
who is better at discovering quiet places

and there is no one quite as humble as you when it comes to approaching the page.

i enjoy reading what you write as much as i enjoy looking at the photos you take! class or no class, i say "keep it up!" because it's lovely.

ELK said...

scraps of paper ~ tattered lists in notebooks
take the class ...you just never know...the photo sings G.

Haphazardkat said...

I've written several books. I sent one in after being bullied, pushed and threatened by those who love me :). It made it to the second round of Editors and then was rejected. I was never so glad to see my baby back safely with me and have never ventured to send them out again!
It's traumatizing to set your words free and let others eyes view them.

That said? I think you should pursue writing. You have a creative soul that overflows with the need for expression.

Jane said...

The class sounds fun, but you would only be enhancing the gift you already possess.

Vivian Guest said...

I write when I can, which isn't as often as I like right now. My best ideas come in the shower where, of course, I have no pen.

I'd say take the class, creative writing is fun, and I enjoyed it when I took it.

If you have an idea kicking around in your head, like your song, just write. Even if it's not how you want it to sound it will give you a starting place to work from. There were so many times when I would right something and it didn't sound at all like it did in my mind. But the more I wrote the more my writing reflected my thoughts. I'm still working on a story I stared writing when I was twelve, and it just keeps getting better every time I rewrite it. The only bad writers are those that don't ever write.

Your work is amazing, btw.