i'll have a tall iced green tea latte with soy milk, please.

yesterday was a tough day.
but it was also good.
i was struggling a bit,
so i grabbed my camera and headed out.
some time of solitude—
walking around in the sun with my camera—
is just what the doctor ordered!
it's free therapy, if you ask me.

i was not sure what i was looking for.
i thought it would just hit me when i saw it.
{figuratively of course—thankfully,
because some of the things i photographed
were trains and cars.}

but first, i went to buy the one thing
that any smart unemployed girl would know
is way outside the realm of common sense—
a $4+ drink from starbucks.
they are my downfall—those green tea lattes.
hot or cold. it doesn't matter.
it wouldn't be wise even if i had a job.
but wisdom goes out the window
when green tea goes up the straw
and down my throat.
sooooooooo gooooooood.

next, i started to walk around
downtown crystal lake
to see what i could see.
i saw a lot.
it was one of my favorite days yet
to be outside with my camera.

i got many shots, but these are my favorites.
{they are all SOOCs}
i hope you enjoy the tour of my stomping grounds.

i love vintage cars.
in years past, every thursday night
in dowtown crystal lake,
vintage car owners brought their cars down
for a weekly show throughout the summer.
so many people would show up to see the cars.
often, it took me an extra five or ten minutes
to get through town on my way home from work.

i absolutely love the brick
used on the outside of this building.
it's not your ordinary brick.
it's shiny and green.

this was taken from the sidewalk,
looking up at the outdoor beer garden lights
of a local pub called duke's alehouse.

i'm not even sure what this building is,
but i loved the copper ornamental arch above the door!

i have never been to this restaurant,
but i want to try it some day.
i have heard good things about it.

i loved this window.
on the sill sits two bottles and a glass with a potato in it.
it's this kind randomness that makes me smile.

passers by enjoying the warm day.
{well, i'm assuming they are anyway.}

this is my favorite shot of the day.
it's the sign above what used to be called crystal lake deli.
i often ate there for lunch when i worked in crystal lake.

there's really no explanation needed here, i think.

the heart of downtown is right here.
brink street actually ends at my street.
my street pretty much ends at it.
so i like to say i live on the brink of brink.

this groovy wall {i've always loved these}
is between two of my favorite establishments—
a wonderfully delicious mexican restaurant
and a handmade bag boutique
that a friend of mine owns
and a dear friend of mine works at.

the train station coffee shop is open for business.

this is the corner of the alehouse i mentioned earlier.
their food is wonderful!
they use all organic or locally grown ingredients.

these last four were taken in front of a great florist called mum.
their flowers are always fresh and beautiful.
they also have really lovely gift items and artwork there.
it's very much like a floral shop you would find
in the trendiest neighborhoods of chicago or new york.

happy wednesday.


Char said...

I bought a bike yesterday when I'm worried about car payments. *sigh* sometimes you just hafta I guess.

beautiful walkabout and you're right - it's free therapy. I must go tomorrow for sure.

:) so much goodness in all of these shots.

JLBO said...

So many lovely pictures on your posts ! Your rambles about town and country surely inspire you - besides having a soothing effect and keeping your mind off things ! Bonne journée !

elk said...

ok i will try the drink it sounds so good ...as always I love walking around town with you...the mustang...

the buildings...flowers all favorites!

margie said...

you did exactly the right thing. on a day when you are struggling. ditch it. beautiful photos taken on the brink. i would NEVER have that green tea thing. man, i am so much an espresso girl.

Hi Kooky said...

What a lovely day out! Thanks for sharing. The sunniness cheered me up.

beth said...

this post and the one before are both wonderful !

I love that brick soooo much.....if I was building a house right now I would want to copy that look !!

you know...you are not very far from me at all...I think this summer we need to get together for a day or two of wandering and photography and laughing !!!

Georgia B. said...

beth, that would be awesome! name the time and place. i'm not working, so i'm wide open! :)

seriously, let's do it!

Haphazardkat said...

I know the feeling well. Nothing seems to cheer me as much as walking and taking random pictures in the sunshine!
(as usual) I love all your pictures...but my favorite? Is your drink sitting half slurped on the railing.
It combined your two loves of the day. :) and made me smile.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Photographic therapy....works like a charm! I'm a big fan :o)

apriliniowa said...

Sunlight and photography is the best medicine. I was just telling my husband the other day that if he carried a camera around with him he'd find beauty in everything from a tiny cobweb in a row of hedges to a floor vent in a restuarant. He smirked, I think. With that, I love these shots but the lights hanging below the green tree limbs might just be my favorite. That, and the potatoe in a cup trying to sprout in the windowsill because it would often be missed by passerbys. Nice. :)

Shawna said...

what a wonderful photowalk. when i'm out of ideas i have to pretend i'm a tourist in my own town. i haven't done it lately. thanks for the reminder!

Chris said...

Mmmmm...green tea lattes! I just had one a few days ago. They are also my weakness, as you know. I remember drinking hot AND cold ones at your apartment last summer during invitation time!

And I remember that green wall too :)

Alicia said...

Love this! I've been trying to convince myself to do a photo walk the past few days, but haven't quite been feeling up to it. Tomorrow, I've planned it into my schedule!

I might even have to swing by Starbucks to try a Green Tea Latte... Something I've never had before!

You have some really cool shots, various details that someone might not see if they weren't looking. Love the green bricks and the way you captured them!

Jaime said...

I totally get you...the walking/therapy thing..especially when there is a camera in hand! I am about to get my daily dose too. Vitamins for the soul.

My Morning Walk said...

Hugs to you. I am hoping today is better. This morning I did the same thing you did yesterday - walk and shoot to clear my head. Totally weird and random: the garden lights picture came up just as my favorite line in one of my fave songs was playing... "hang you holiday rainbow lights in the garden and I'll bring a nice icy drink to you" (Gospel - The National).

Georgia B. said...

little byrd . . . that's what i call syncronicity! :)

thanks for sharing that.

Lisa said...

this is a wonderful post. i agree that the green tea latte's at starbucks are amazing.

i love your photos, so much heart and feeling in them! i'm glad you had a good day. :)

spread your wings said...

thanks for this fun tour of your town. i there with you on the starbucks to start the day and a stroll with your camera in the warm sunshine - best theraphy. i just took mine around my yard and now enjoying an earl grey tea on the deck. wind down for the day.