macro monday

this macro monday i am:
  • home from florida
  • more tan than last monday
  • sans knots in my shoulders
  • relaxed
  • recharged
  • ready to take on lots of things
  • missing the blues of the bay and the gulf
  • missing the colors of gorgeous long boat key
  • missing my dad-in-law and mom-in-law
  • grateful that they flew us down to see them
  • anxious and excited to post my florida pictures
  • thinking about moving to florida for good {wink wink}
  • glad to be home and able to visit my blog friends
  • happy


apriliniowa said...

Happy you are back & even happier that you feel better. Hope all's well and stays that way. :)

beth said...

I'm a florida girl myself...even though I've only vacationed there many times, I see myself living there, ful time, with nothing but a big smile on my face !!!

so glad you had a great time !!!

Anonymous said...

good for you!

Char said...

oh...if you moved to Florida....the trouble we could cause.

glad you had a great time - missed your happy face.

Jamie said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to see what you saw and hear about all your awesome adventures.

spread your wings said...

glad you had a relaxing trip. can't wait to hear about your trip and see your lovely view in photos

Rochelle said...

glad you're back and doing well! :) we look forward to the pictures and seeing your new tan! missed you!

Alicia said...

HAPPY you are back! I've been looking forward to your florida pictures since you left! :) Can't wait to see the lovely you captured while you were away!

Grey Street Girl said...

Welcome back! I was just at Lido Key last month at this time. I really miss it - it's so wonderful down there! Can't wait to see your pictures so I can take a mental vacation!

elk said...

oh i missed you...so happy to hear it was a wonderful time!

Oliag said...
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Oliag said...

...Glad you came home relaxed...Florida vacations do that for me too...