i've been tagged twice to list 8 things {so does that mean i have to list 16?}

this post is long overdue. {i know this is a photo blog, but keep reading. i promise there are photos at the end.}

i was tagged twice to do a post listing 8 things about me in four categories. i chose to do the post on this blog, because both girls who tagged me are budding/aspiring photographers who both recently bought a camera and became very interested in photography.

and both were very sweet to let me know that my blog was an inspiration for them to start. that made me happy! first is a friend and former co-worker, rochelle. {i call her roe.} she recently started a photography blog called creation's beauty. it's been fun to see what she sees through the lens. i look forward to watching her photography grow, as i know it will! next is sunny sara at one long road. i love her blog and have been following it for a while. she is a gifted writer, but she also recently bought a camera and is learning what it can do, so i can't wait to see her start to post pictures!

here's how "8 things" works:
  1. mention the person that tagged you.
  2. complete the lists of 8's.
  3. tag 8 of your wonderful bloggy friends.
  4. go tell them you tagged them!
okay, got it!

~ ~ ~

8 things i look forward to:
  1. having children
  2. getting into the best shape of my life
  3. getting a job or starting my own business
  4. becoming a better photographer
  5. heaven
  6. getting to see my dad again there
  7. my friend, lynn's wedding at the end of may
  8. winning a life-time supply of hagen daz ice cream {what? it could happen!}

8 things i did yesterday:
  1. helped my husband make a birthday card for his dad
  2. took pictures of lilacs
  3. bought an external hard drive for all my photos.
  4. cried
  5. talked to beth about meeting for a photo shoot!
  6. wished a dear friend good luck at her job interview
  7. looked for a job
  8. did a load of laundry with no clothes in the washer {i started the washer and went upstairs to get the clothes, but got side tracked and never put them in.}

8 things i wish i could do:
  1. play piano or violin or cello
  2. eat ice cream for dinner every night
  3. go to italy, ireland and israel {i know, they all start with an "i". that is just a coincidence}
  4. buy a new computer right . . . NOW!
  5. meet daniel barenboim {pianist, former conductor of the chicago symphony orchestra}
  6. dance
  7. sing professionally with my sister and our friend, jenny from high school
  8. figure out how to become a simpler person and keep myself from packratism {is that a word? it is now}

8 shows i watch: {i don't watch TV, so these are all on DVD}
  1. monk
  2. M*A*S*H
  3. keeping up appearances
  4. leave it to beaver
  5. house
  6. little house on the prairie {don't laugh}
  7. mr. bean
  8. lots of documentaries from the library

8 bloggers tagged: {i'm a little shy about doing this, so i am just tagging everyone! join in if you want. hey, this takes care of step four, too.}

since we are doing eights, i give you eight photos—they are as random as my lists. {you know—it's those single shots that you like but never make it into a post. here's a bunch at once.}

have a great weekend! {guess what i'll be doing. yep! you guessed it. organizing all my florida pics that are now on my new external hard drive!!! . . . thanks to all of you who suggested that i get one.}


Anonymous said...

totally agree with you on the HagenDaz.
Have a great weekend!

elk said...

i know a lot more about you and have I told you lately how amazing you are? ...and you are too young to forget to put clothes in the washer!! tee hee ..blessings elk

Char said...

the washer sounds like something I would do...and you are amazing.

all are beautiful but I really love the railroad tracks and the window

Dani said...

posted mine (and mentioned you) at www.orangesalad.blogspot.com

Rochelle said...

great post!! :) love you 8 things and 8 pics at the end. :) thanks for joining in the fun!

~B~ said...

Can you guess which photo is my fav?? Hmmm that is right the lamp post one. I am glad you got the external hardrive. I can not wait to see the Flordia Pics.=)

Toni said...

That washer thing is something I would totally do, but maybe not since I don't start the water first. But something similar I would totally do!

Ice cream for dinner every night sounds like a fantastic idea. Great photos to finish up the post!