bloggiversary {300 posts }

{random photo that has nothing specific to do with this post }

today's post marks my bloggiversary!
what's a bloggiversary you ask?
even blogger/blogspot doesn't know—'cause when i typed it,
i got the little red squiggly line under the word.
a bloggiversary is the anniversary
or milestone post for your blog.
for which i did a give-away.

but this time i am not doing a give-away.
i'm just doing a special post in which i will thank
all of my readers, supporters, encouragers, visitors and followers!

wow. wow. wow.
all i can say is thank you for hanging with me
over these last 300 posts
and watching me grow,
sticking with me when i post something
that is a reflection of a tough time i am going through,
sharing in my joy when i write about the good things,
reading my long drawn out stories,
commenting on my photography,
giving me feedback and such generous compliments
on my photos and artistry,
and just plain making me feel like a million bucks!

i want to thank all of you who have followed my blog
in the "others who visit to see what i see" section.
i wish you could all be in my
"others i visit to see what they see" section {or blogroll },
but if you all were, i would never get through my daily reads.

there are also those of you who are not in
the "others who visit..." section,
but i know you still frequently or even daily stop by.
thank you for taking the time to come support my pictures and words.

to those of you in my blog roll,
you have been inspiring me daily for a long time.
thank you.
i feel blessed to have "met" you all.
i feel even more blessed to have grown as a result of you all.

and i just want to say, there are some blogger/blogspot blogs
that i am not able to comment on
because my silly computer won't allow me to.
it's only on blogs where the comment field is set up a certain way.
it's so frustrating, because some of these blogs
are by bloggers who comment here,
but i am not able to reciprocate or return the support verbally.
but know that i still visit if i am following it
or if it is a blog that is in my blogroll.

thank you to my readers who don't even have blogs,
{at least not that i know about }
but still visit and even comment occasionally.
it's nice to know you are here and enjoying my posts.

lastly, thank you for also supporting my other two photo blogs.
the diptych blog with jamie was on hiatus for a while,
but we recently posted there again—yay!

my collaboration blog with my twin sister—ethereal
goes on hiatus from time to time, too.
but we are excited, as we are getting ready
to post our first interview there.
you will not be disappointed, for we are interviewing
an amazing photographer whose work we find ethereal.
{and another regular post will probably be going up today.}

i love photography more every single day.
this blog has been one of the best things that ever happened to me.
i've made some wonderful friends
and even had the opportunity to meet some of them in person.
{you can read more about that here.}
i'm going to be meeting another very soon.
what a thrill and joy.
i'd love to meet you all!

i flippin' love photography and blogging!
can you tell?
i look forward to 300 more,
and then 300 more after that,
and so on . . .

that's it!
thank you. thank you. thank you.
from the bottom of my heart.

and don't forget!
drink your juice.


beth said...

with my morning juice in my hand...I raise my glass and say "cheers to you" for keeping us entertained with your words and stories and photos and making us smile and laugh and think and say "wow" what an incredible shot !

so as you thank us...right back atcha :)

and now I need to go and check to see where I'm at posting wise...I think a want an anniversary to celebrate, too !

and soon...we will meet in person and wow, I just can't wait !...it will be a very special day !!

Chris said...

Wow, has it already been 300 posts?! My, how time flies. It's been great following you and your transformation over the last year, and I can't wait to see what else you have for us :)

apriliniowa said...

Yayyy to 300 posts and to juice! I've only been following your blog for a short while but I do enjoy it. Hope all's well. ~heather

Char said...

yay!!!! I'm so glad to have met you through this cyber world of ours!!! Keep 'em coming girl. And I will change up the comments on my etsy blog so you can comment there. I need replinish my shop and will be asking for suggestions on it.

Sara said...

Awww happy anniversary, blog :D

elk said...

wow! I cannot believe we started the same month...you are truly a generous and loving person with a special heart and talent to match!
happy...happy...one...year! elk
yum! grapefruit juice

Anonymous said...

Yeah to You Miss G.:)
Heres to 3 million more. Keep on blogging along.
Julie and A and J

Jamie said...

High-five and a big hug! I love what you're doing here and wish you 300 more then 300 more and then some....

Betty Jo said...

Hi Georgia and Congrats on your 300th! That's awesome. I've just started my photog blog so have very little content just yet. I'm going to sign up to follow yours, please do the same at my blog. Thanks for your visit and sweet comments.

Haphazardkat said...

LOL @ Drink your juice. Happy 300 post-i-ver-sary!! :D

Georgia B. said...

betty jo, i already have begun to follow your wonderful blog!

i know you will develop a following very quickly—your blog is that good! i look forward to visiting it daily. keep up the good work! and welcome to the blogging community.

Betty Jo said...

Georgia I did miss your reply, thanks for letting me know. You are my first follower on my new photo blog! I'm thrilled!! I'm just learning textures (on photos that is) myself, but would be glad to pass on to you what I've learned so far. You can email me anytime at bjm_photoATyahoo.com (change the AT to @). I'm going to be out for most of the afternoon, but will get to your email as soon as possible. ♥

Rochelle said...

Oh my goodness, we hit 300 posts at the same time, how cool is that?!?!

I love your blog, keep it coming. I miss you. We need to have another party so we can see you. :)

Georgia B. said...

very cool, roe! and very weird. but very synchronistic!

yes, we need to have another party—not just to see each other, but because parties are fun! :)

Kristin said...

Congrats! A raised glass to you!I'm so glad to have found your blog recently. It's lovely!

JLBO said...

Happy "bloggiversary" ! dear Georgia. And many happy returns...

Toni said...

Congrats on your milestone, Georgia! And here's to many, many more. Such a lovely post, btw.

Dani said...

yay for 300! i know i haven't been reading that long, but you're definitely one of my first visits every morning! Here's to many more bloggiversaries!

alissa said...

this is great! i love everyday just looking around heres what i see photography - nice work :)

Grey Street Girl said...

Congratulations! Now I want to go count my posts and see how close I am to a blogiversary. :)

Lisa Morford said...

congratulations on 300 posts (for both blogs, right??) that is such an accomplishment. i love coming to all your different spaces..i know i usually only comment on this one and jorjah-b, but know that i have checked out the others, too. you are a very inspiring person! i love to see the world through your eyes.

here's to many many more!! :)


georgia b. said...
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georgia b. said...

thank you, lisa. what a thoughtful thing to say.

thank you, EVERYONE for saying such nice things. and thanks for celebrating with me.

~Hurricane B~ said...

WOOT WOOT!!!!! Awesome Lady, just awesome. I look forward to reading 300 more, and getting inspiration from those 300. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us, for giving us ideas, pointing us in directions of other great artistic talent and views.=) Happy Hump Day.

margie said...

georgia don't you worry. we love you and your photos just as much as you love all of us!! we look forward to seeing what you have to say and show each day.

Heather said...

Congrats! It is so wonderful to be able to peak into someone else's love of photography. Thank you for sharing with your admiring public;)

Sherah said...

Georgia! I'm a late-comer to this post, but congrats on your 300th anniversary!! This blog is quite an accomplishment! You take the ordinary and make it beautiful; I think that's why we all keep coming back :)

I didn't realize we had experienced similar road trips... now I'm off to find your post on that subject!

Anonymous said...


SE'LAH... said...

happy bloggiversary! that's exciting.

Oliag said...

I'm so glad you have made it to 300 posts because each one is so much fun to read and to look at...I can't remember how I found this site so long ago...maybe Shutter Sisters?...but I have always been glad that I did. Thank-you dear Georgia!