thoughts for graduates––be it schools or seasons

it's about this time of year that you start to see a lot of greeting cards in stores for graduates. why is it that so many of them have a column of some sort on the front? i guess it symbolizes an institution and the idea of completing the course of education there.

i just took this column photo at the parthenon replica in nashville. i thought i heard or read somewhere that it is almost to scale of the original structure in greece. it was very interesting, as well as fun to photograph. i kept picturing ancient times with people standing around outside beneath the columns––students, learners, teachers, thinkers––conversing and debating.

i thought about wanting to post this photo on my blog, but wondered what i would write about. i'm pretty sure there are not many graduates reading my blog, but then i thought about how many of us are graduating from life-lessons––or at least learning them now.

many of us are going through things that we will hopefully learn from. seasons of life perhaps. for me, it's unemployment––as is the case for at least a few of my readers. i recently wrote about learning and how i always hope to be doing so.

if i had the money, i would go back to school in an instant to learn more and soak up all that i can––whether it be about interior design or anything! but right now, i'll have to soak up all the free learning that i can. and believe me––it's everywhere! whether through mistakes i've made or a documentary i pick up from the library or the manual that came with my camera. i want to always be learning.

i came across a quote today––the one that is on the photo i posted. i love what it says. i want this to be me, my thoughts, my philosophy. then just minutes later i read this:

"you find beauty in ordinary things. do not lose this ability."

i liked this, too! i have had several people tell me that i have that ability. i never want to lose that no matter how much i learn. it's why i love photography. it's why i love to look through that little view finder and capture those things. i see it in all of you, too. it's the little things. i'm glad there are others like you out there. i'm glad you see it in me, too.

i guess what i'm saying is, although you may not be graduating from school this month {which if you happen to be, congrats!}, i hope you are learning too. i hope you are graduating from lessons learned or seasons past. i hope you are thinking about the things that matter and finding beauty in the everyday and the necessary. if you are, congrats and keep learning! keep going––go get another degree.

and if you care to share or inspire, leave me a comment about what you've been learning lately. i'd love to hear what it is. really!


Char said...

it's a good challenge to learn. i'm learning to be a better photographer and a more patient person.

Toni said...

I'm learning how tired and worn out I am (see tomorrow's post). As I was sitting here thinking about what to write, I closed my eyes and nodded off for a second. Maybe the words I heard today had merit after all! =) I learn a little bit more every day about photography. I'm learning what I like to shoot and what I don't. I'm learning about different ways to promote my photography. I'm learning my new grass needs more fertilizer. Ha!!

I think it is so important to keep learning. If we don't, we stagnate and everyone knows what stagnate water smells like. Excellent post, Georgia.

Chris said...

I love that second quote. I think it also very accurately describes me too (and why I love photography as you do). Who is it attributed to?

I'm so glad you're spending this time to learn all you can in the school of life. I'm trying to do the same while laid off (and beyond). I think your photography is growing and changing all the time, in interesting ways, and that it reflects on the person behind the lens.

What have I learned? I've been playing more and more with my camera(s) and figuring out cool things, but I've also been learning about gardening, history, technology, art, and just trying to absorb as much as I can in every other category.

Here's to endless learning! :)

elk said...

Georgia ~such a rich post ...
I am an old lady BUT still leaning about life so you see it does not ever stop!just a couple of things I have learned:
I picked up a camera one year ago...who knew? not me!
I am learning to let go as my daughters find their way

kath said...

I am actually taking the first class towards a certificate in journalism photography. It still scares me on tuesdays when I have to leave for school. I'm 48 and the oldest in my class. But once I get there and realize that I can do it, I have a ball.
In the meantime, I've also learned that I have to study hard during the week if I want to store last week's lessons in my peri-menopausal brain!

Dani said...

Perfect! I love learning too...sometimes I wish I could go back to school with my wise adult head on and soak up everything I blew off.
In that adult life, though, I'm learning to let things go. To be a free spirit and roll through life, happily. Maybe that makes me sound like a hippy...or maybe it makes me sound uptight. But I'm learning that everyday has little surprises, little beauty in the ordinary things. And those are the things I need to hold onto.

~Hurricane B~ said...

Well I am in Uni right now, but the life lesson I learned today was this
" No matter how much advice you get or what type it is, only YOU can make that final choice, only you know when enough is enough and you start to make the changes"

I feel when I talk to my friends and they take the time to listen and give me some feedback, that if I do not try to use this then I am being rude to them. I wasted their time, so I was sending myself in so many different directions. This week taught me, take it in and listen. Then do what you know you need to.=)

Anonymous said...

Very nice post. I'm always amazed/dismayed when people whine about being bored. I really never get bored--there's too many good books, good blogs, sites, clouds, trees, coffeehouses, photo opportunities, animals, movies, places...There's not enough time...

Georgia B. said...

candace, i wholeheartedly agree.

thanks for sharing, everyone!

Oliag said...

Since I semi-retired my mind has been swirling with things I want to spend time learning...so far it has mostly been spent on photography and the necessary related computer use...which I have been surprised to find that I really enjoy...

In a related, sycronistic note, the word verification for this comment is "undumb"!!