five hundred flowers

my, oh my!
i feel like i've been away
from my blogs for so long.
it's not neglect.
it's just being busy––
something i have not experienced in a while.

i said in my last post that i would
put up some sunset pics.
but i woke up on this beautiful,
sunny summer morning,
and i could not bring myself
to put up evening pictures.
perhaps tonight.

today, it's some shots of the flowers
at last saturday's farmers market.
i hope you enjoy.
i hope you have a grand summer day.
and to quote the innocence mission,

"i hope you're on your rooftop now . . .
in the sun, in the middle of five hundred flowers."


Peter Tschirhart said...

Flowers are beautiful, I the middle of the winter I will some times pick up some at a shop and bring them home to lighten up the house. My wife thinks that they are for her, and they are,but they're just as much for me.

You're right about the shot I took of the coffee beans I used my macro setting. Good eye Miss.

Dani said...

i needed some flowers in my life this morning...and i'm happy you've taken some time to share them!

beth said...

busy here too sweetie...so no apologies :)

love love love the flowers...they make me want to dance !

elk said...

i just spent the morning in my flowers...well they are not this beautiful!

Char said...

oh Georgia - these are so beautiful. I would be in heaven. hope you're enjoying your day.

Farah said...

these flowers are just beautiful! thanks for sharing them =)

jasmine said...

oh my gosh! those flowers are absolutely gorgeous...so are the photos. and i love that quote!

spread your wings said...

i believe you are in the middle of 500 flowers and more. such a beautiful summer collection here.

Grey Street Girl said...

Gorgeous flowers! Thanks for sharing! Happy weekend to you!

Anonymous said...

such gorgeous flowers! :) definitely refreshing to wake up to those.

Toni Brockliss said...

The flowers are so beautiful.
It's about this time of the year that I start to miss our garden flowers...being winter and all.
Now I can come here and look at yours.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Luscious! Our flowering season is pretty skimpy in the summer, just a few that can withstand the heat.

Claire said...

i can't exactly get onto the rooftop but i will sit on my big rock and enjoy the sun.

Pink & Green Mama said...

beautiful flowers and beautiful photos, you have captured the essence of summer so nicely. I love all of the colors!!

Liss said...

These flowers are so bright and cheerful. Summer looks in full bloom.