screen shot

i like calling these kind of photos screen shots, because in my line of work, i was often taking what is called screen shots—or screen captures. i don't know if you can do this on a pc, but on a mac, you hold down shift, option and press the 4 key. then you get a little cross hair cursor, which you can click and drag with over the area of your screen that you want to capture—or make an image out of. like this screen capture below of me typing my post draft in blogger:

anyway, this is what a screen shot has always meant to me—a picture of what is on your monitor. but now there is another meaning of screen capture for me. lately i've been intrigued by photography through window screens. i did a post about it a little while back here. the two shots in today's post were taken at my mom's last thursday. this is the view out the living room window of her condo/town home.

i did not use any special setting. it just came out this way. for some reason, the colors were so vibrant when shot through the screen like this. i think it was the lighting outside. but i loved the way it turned out. it almost looks fake—like it is a shot of some scaled architectural model. especially the first shot, doesn't it? i absolutely love it!

anywho... if you are like me, you have so many photos to post and not enough days to post them. i have photos piling up that i mean to get to, but just don't. i still have so very many florida photos, and they keep getting put on the back burner for the newer, recent, exciting photos—well, exciting to me, because i just took them, so they are still fresh and unseen and waiting to be opened and looked at. like they are all sitting in folders eeking out little squeals, "ooh, pick me. pick me!"

i'm not complaining, because i LOVE taking pics and putting them on my blog. it's just about one of the best things i have ever found in my life creatively. and i am happy to have so much to post and to write about. i just wish i could do it more often. perhaps i would if i did not have other things that needed to be done and if i had faster internet on a lightning-fast computer. i could bore you to tears if i went into what is going on with my internet service and what is being said back and forth between me and my provider. but i won't.

and speaking of... thank you for stopping by here when you do, even though my slower-than-molasses computer {or internet—still to be determined} prevents me from visiting more blogs like i used to. the sweet, thoughtful comments i receive from you all make every bit that i do invest in this blog so very worth it!


Anonymous said...

Those are totally cool shots! I thought they had some sort of filter or special effect on them at first. I've shot through a screen before and it didn't look like that. I'll have to experiment some more.

I wish I were more like you as far as too many photos, too little time. I don't have too many photos so that's why I don't blog daily. For instance, right now, I only have a few more I could use on my blog so I need to get out and take more but then I've never had an hour where I took 900 photos!!!!!!! Like you, I generally post more than one in each blog post so that uses them up faster.

However, I am like you in the respect that I find photographing and blogging very creatively fulfilling and I hope that continues. My blog makes me take photos.

I sure hope you get your internet fixed soon, I'm sure it's very frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Oops. I'm back. You know, those 2 screen shots of yours also look like needlepoint or something, like those "samplers" women used to do. They also look like they could be printed from a dot matrix printer. The more I look at them the cooler they are. They don't look real at all.

I use a mac, too. I've had macs since 1994 although I use a pc at work.

beth said...

cool photos georgia !!

and photos piling up ? oh lordy, do they ever !!

but ~snort~ it really is the best problem we could have, right ?

hey, when are you coming up here ?

CDScott said...

Great "screen shots". You have inspired me to try some. Re: my post on the classical violinist, I hope you checked out the link. And the shot of the cello headstock...that instrument belongs to the upright bass player in my hubbie's band, Bo Weevil & Rottin' Cottin". There's a link on my blog to their myspace. See you soon!

Alicia said...

Cool photos! I love the way the colors came out... I took a few screen shots in Colorado that I haven't posted yet. Maybe I'll have to throw them up (I am like you... Photos piled up to share... but I just haven't processed them... and by the time they get up, it'll be months after the fact... If they even make it up!)

Steve Gravano said...

That is so cool, thanks for sharing it with us. You really should teach!

apriliniowa said...

I've taken shots like this before from the outside looking in~usually of our dog's sad face watching me through the window. And they never look this! They really do look fake~just like little models, as you mentioned. The bushes look like something from a train model set even.
As for photos, I delete everything that I don't use to keep our computer from slowing down. Even though I bought an external harddrive years ago...
I also delete most photographs after posting if they don't have sentimental value. Which is strange considering I horde most everything else. ;)

Hi Kooky said...

I don't know why, but these shots remind me of artist Wayne Thiebaud's paintings. Something about the colors and light. These shots are awesome!

georgia b. said...

hi-kooky, thanks for the link! i like his work upon going to see it. i think i will even blog about it on jorjah-b.


and thank you for the compliment.

Char said...

I wish I could do screen shots sometimes just so I could show how I do a few things. anyway.

I like that you're taking lots of pictures.

PS-when it's time, we have to do a blog babyshower for Chris