train ride: first movement: study in greens and blues


Anonymous said...

Nice colors and awesome flare!

elk said...

always relish the blues & greens

Alicia said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series of photos! The blues and greens are absolutely wonderful! (MY FAVORITE!)

*Capturing power lines again!! *SWOON*

I think my favorite photo might be the third one (reminds me of the shooting just a part of it... like the one I posted on my photo blog and you shared other links to yours...) O but I love them all!

Your movement photos have inspired me -- I don't have a car and the subways are mostly through dark tunnels -- So I've been doing walking shots, where I just aim the camera from my hip as I walk and hope to capture the movement... I think I did here: [photo nine] In my mind... I call it walk-by shooting (off of your drive-by shootings!)

Beautiful set Georgia!!!

apriliniowa said...

#6 is brilliantly beautiful. love the blurred and shining sun in an cerulean sky. Perfect!

Lisa said...

these are just sooo beautiful! aww! love them so much.

Char said...

beautiful blue

"hey there mr. blue, i'm so glad to be with you."