and serve.

homegrown pride.

i've never had a garden or grown anything
until this year.
i planted an herb garden
and these banana peppers.

i just can't even explain
how fulfilling it is to pick from a plant
that i put in the ground with my bare hands
after it has yielded much fruit.

and then to eat of that crop
is even better.
peppers never tasted so sweet.

it turned very cold and windy here today,
{i'm shivering as i type}
so i knew i had to get the rest of my peppers in.

tonight, i sliced them up
and added them to our deep dish pizza.

if i could, i'd send you all a basket-full.
but i can't, so a bunch of photos will have to do.


simply blogged said...

fun shots.

maccandace said...

Pretty harvest shots. I posted harvest shots, too. I was in Chicago today at Midway, heading home, and it was freezing, gloomy, miserable. I got a lot of shots over the last week in the midwest, though, so I have a lot of future posts :)

Liss said...

The look like they have been nurtured well. Oh how sweet these would taste on a deep dish pizza.
Enjoy your harvest.

Steve Gravano said...

Gardening is my favorite hobby especially at harvest time. Beautiful photos.

elk said...

this series is fabulous ...from top to bottom...georgia I am proud of your "crop"

S. Etole said...

Love the colors ...

Heather said...

I love the contrast between the orange bowl and the peppers! Wonderful harvest pictures:)

Jamie said...

mmmm, they look tasty! i do love banana peppers. i've really appreciated the fruit of our garden this year too. we've never grown so much! just last night we made veggie enchiladas and used fresh onions, peppers, cabbage and tomatoes from our garden with tempeh steve made the day before and hot sauce from our neighbors organic garden. i think they were the best enchiladas i've ever had! seriously. i bet your pizza was just as amazing.

sarahtay said...

hi love! it's been a long long while! i'm so glad that you've harvested something so beautiful as that. must've been really delish, huh! :) my grandma plants heaps of vegetables, so i eat all homegrown vege. hehe.

how's everything going on for you?
i do hope things are wonderful on your end.

x ♥

Char said...

yum!! I love banana peppers too. It is very gratifying to grow your own stuff, isn't it? Beautiful shots.