madly falling {part two}

.i came across the most enchanting little place.
.a mini forest of firey trees.
.dark underneath.

.sprinkled with autumn's candy.

.blanketed in quiet.

.like a grove of glowing lolli-pops.
.from the outside.

.slow-paced and inviting.

.shaded by every charm.
.that hung on every branch.

.letting in just enough light.
.to appreciate the view.

.like the center of a secret garden.
.from the inside.

.i sat quietly and took it in.
.so as not to broadcast my presence.
.or disturb this perfectly peaceful palace.

.most of the leaves have fallen by now.
.i think i'll return again next year.
.and bring a blanket.
.or a friend.
.or maybe my sweetheart.


Carolyn Ford said...

Those are exceptionally gorgeous photos of a colorful fall! I love the perspectives and I really love the bench in the midst of all that beauty! Wow!

Lisa said...

oh. my gosh. i want to go there. like now!! these are beautiful georgia!! what gorgeous colors!! just absolutely incredible!!

S. Etole said...

How very enchanting ...

Hi Kooky said...

Oh Georgia, I love this. You are making the most of this autumn with your camera and words. Thank you so much for creating and sharing these beautiful, refreshing escapes!

georgia b. said...

thank you for saying that, jen. i was reluctant to post more fall pics for fear that my readers were tiring of them. or worse yet, that i would tire of them. :)

i'm glad you are enjoying them. it makes every picture and every word worth the time for me if you are.

thanks, everyone! i'll make you all bored of autumn yet! :)

Steve Gravano said...

Surreal. These look like paintings, very beautiful.

spread your wings said...

oh i could stay there all day long and into the night. these images are indeed enchanting. thank you so much for sharing this incredible place with us.

Elaina M. Avalos said...

Oh wow. Those are fantastic shots. What a beautiful spot. Thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

Perfect. The first photo is especially breathtaking.

~Hurricane B~ said...

Wow. These colors make me want to move to the Ill. I mean you just captured Fall so breathtakingly. I do not think people could get bored with these shots. Besides this is all about the photos YOU want to post. I wish Belgium had a fall as bright as this. It reminds me of fire and the sun and pumpkins. That is what the colors make me think of.

Tracy said...

red lollipop tree...mmm... lovely, Georgia! :o) Fall is really falling here, the leaves are really going... Happy Day ((HUGS))

Rochelle said...

Wow, that is sooo pretty!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is an unbelievably beautiful place! wow, I wouldn't get tired of looking at that ever, it's glorious.

Brittany said...

wow. i want to go there. and stay there forever..

Joy said...

your photos are beautiful. the colors are breathtaking.