november gratitude {part four}

i'm thankful for forgiveness.
i'm thankful for my blog friends.
i'm thankful for my camera.
i'm thankful for my blogs.
i'm thankful for your blogs.
i'm thankful that you stop by
and take an interest in my life
and give me feedback and encouragement
in my photography.
i'm thankful that i will be getting
a new computer soon.
{fingers crossed}

i'm thankful that my cough
seems a little better tonight.
i'm thankful that i only have to work
three days this week.
i'm thankful that my husband
takes care of me when i'm sick.
i'm thankful that when things
i thought would last forever don't,
there's hope that something else
will take its place.
and even if nothing does,
i have so much besides
that was always right here.

what are you thankful for?


Hi Kooky said...

I'm thankful for GRATITUDE! And for friends who demonstrate the power of a grateful heart. :)

Barefoot from Heaven said...

I'm thankful for your list, saved me for all the work :-))))))
I'm thankful for all my blessings.
Sweet hugs Dagmar

The Curious Cat said...

oh! Glad to hear your cold is subsiding and that your husband looks after you well...

I'm thankful today for...a friend cooking me supper as I am very short of funds for food myself right now...

I'm also thankful for parents - who I can go home to when life gets a bit unpredictable and I lose my way... xxx

Tracy said...

The gift of gratitude is something big to be thankful for! I am thankful for the love and care of family & friends. And looking forward to visiting my family in the States soon! It is a joy to visit here each week. :o) Hope you will be feeling better soon, Georgia. ((HUGS))Oh, if you need a lift, stop by if you can--I'm having a sweet gift giveaway to celebrate Thanksgiving week! :o)

S. Etole said...

thankful for all the things I have to be thankful for ...

Char said...

i'm thankful you're better, i'm thankful i'm healthy, i'm thankful for family and friends, i'm thankful for a job and the ability to care for myself again. i'm thankful for so many things in my life.

spread your wings said...

i'm thankful for family, that my daughter is home, that we are healthy, that i have a nice job, and a cozy home. I'm thankful for many, many things. I'm also thankful for my friendships here in the blog world. It's a wonderfully talented and sincere group. love you

glad your feeling better.

spread your wings said...

oops "you're"
ugh. i hate it when i make that mistake.

Jaime said...

Life is so rich, there are so many things to be thankful for, I couldn't possibly list them all here!
I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well...but happy that you are now on the mend. :)
Take good care of you!


Rochelle said...

soooo much to be thankful for, isn't there?! good list!

hey this post reminded me of you and one of your posts from a week or so (?) ago... thought you might be interested to read it:
http://www.mycharmingkids.net/2009/11/authentic.html - I really respect this lady and think she says it very well.

hope you have a really terrific Thanksgiving!!!

april in iowa said...

I hope you are feeling better, Georgia. I'm addicted to hand sanitizer now as a result of so many people being sick around me of late.
As for your list of thankfulness, you are so full of life and wonder at the world that it's always refreshing to visit here. Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family and friends. And get healthy. :)

maccandace said...

I'm thankful I still have my job, that Tony still has his job, that Tony is a nice guy, that our house is sort of cute, that we have a lot of sweet kitties, that we are healthy, my friends are wonderful, my mom is well. I'm glad I have "stuff" I like even though stuff isn't important. I'm glad I have a 4 day weekend with books lined up to read. Have a great Thanksgiving, Georgia.

beth said...

I'm thankful that in 2009, at a marvelous flea market, I got to meet you in person and spend the day shopping !

now get better !!

cristie said...

a lovely gratitude list...hope you feel better. xox

georgia b. said...

me too, beth!