difficult days still linger...



and when they do,
my song will be sweeter.
my flight will be lighter.

until then,
i'll revel in things that make my day
seeing one of my photos here,

or being told by the sweet,
pretty, young barista at starbucks
that every time i come in for my tea,
i remind her of anthropologie
{only my favorite store ever!}

or the way b.
makes an island every night
just before we climb into bed.
{an island is what we call our bed
after he makes it up by straightening
the four cozy knit blankets
that we sleep underneath
through the cold winter nights...
three that cover the whole bed,
and an extra one for me
that covers my half of the bed
because i'm always cold...
an island of soft pink,
soft green and light blue.
that always looks so comfortable
and always is so comforting
and that i look forward to
climbing into every time.
i started to call it an island,
because there are some nights
when i go to retire,
i feel the day and the surroundings
of my cluttered home and life
are like a sea...
sometimes tempestuous,
sometimes just rocky with waves...
but the made bed looks and seems
like a safe, calm and warm
escape from the day...
from reality...
my retreat while i rest.}

or the voice of my closest friends
staying with me on the phone,
telling me all will be okay
and praying with me
or praying for me
when i don't have the strength
to even utter my own
prayerful words
and knowing they walk beside me

or finding birds to photograph

or discovering a new blog
that is made up of the words
and beautiful photography
of two even lovelier people
who i found friends in
from the start
because they are just
those kind of people...
warm and friendly.

i take a lot of delight
and comfort in these sort of things.
sometimes it's the little things
that will get you through...
that help you while you wait.

i've used the quote before,
but i do love it,
and it seems appropriate
to use for this post,
so here it is again...

"hope is the thing with feathers
that perches in the soul,
and sings the songs
without the words

and never stops at all."
~emily dickinson

{i took these shots
last saturday morning.
it was a gloomy, snowy day,
but these birds filled this tree
and loving birds and trees as i do,
i snapped my camera to my hearts content.}


S. Etole said...

enjoying your photos and typography ... and your hope

slommler said...

Hope!! A powerful word which does entail Faith and Patience. As change happens slowly at times! Like water eroding the rocks. Over time, it becomes a valley carrying life giving water to the plains. Prayers are our water and it erodes our confusion and pain and eventually we are filled with peace and wisdom. We find our direction and our purpose. He wants you to know your purpose!

Steve Gravano said...

Nice post, keep your chin up spring is on the way.

Kim Klassen said...

i have so much to say... :)

must begin with thank you... how incredibly sweet to link our blog here. a true honor... a blessing to wake up to!:)

and this post...every morsel... ♥
the quote, is wonderful and a real gift to me at this very moment.

your "island"... now that gave me goosebumps.... soo sweet!

i'm so happy to have "met" you... i love popping in to see what's new....

a gift... cherished... have a most hope filled day...
xxo, kim

Meri said...

Using creative eyes is incredibly healing. So keep seeing birds and sleeping on islands and taking your camera with you. Creativity is like a life jacket that can keep you from going under, if you'll just wear it.
(Thanks for steering me to new BBB blog - lovely.)

Angela H. said...

Love that new blog, Georgi. And the post about love notes to one's self. I should do more of those. I used to write love notes to myself all the time, until I fell out of love with myself. :) That's a good thing, somewhat.

Stay strong. Spring is coming, outside and in your heart. I don't have 3 B's, but I have 2 B's. Angela's B&B. You're welcome, you know, any old time! We could have a vacation without even going on vacation! How I need one.

Kim Klassen said...

georgia... you've been tagged... :) come play along... pretty please...


Prairie Girl Studio said...

hello sweet georgia ~
you know, the more i see how you see things ...
and how eloquently you put words to 'paper' ...
the more i just want to *hug* you tight!

i will keep the image of your island in my mind,
especially crawling under the covers at night ...
i had to giggle about your extra blanket, as i have one, too!
my husband gave it to me for christmas one year, in an effort to keep me from tugging all the covers my way ... and it works wonderfully ...

thank you thank you ... i echo everything kim has said about how grateful we are that you have mentioned us here ... but more importantly that we have found friendship with each other ...

your quote here is lovely beyond words ...

i believe happy days will be landing on your window sill very soon ...

pg xo

Lisa said...

Oh, beautiful post. I'm sorry that you are still experiencing dark days, but it's nice to have sources of comfort. What a lovely complement from the starbucks barista! And I loved hearing about your island. :)


Char said...

hope is a beautiful and powerful thing. i always tie a knot and hang on as tight as i can.

here's to better days.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there sweetie. Things will get better. Hope is just around the corner, As well as Spring.
Things will bloom again soon. Hang in there Miss G.
<3 (that is suppose to be a heart)
Julie T.:)