a coincidence or a sign... you tell me

hello, dear friends and readers. something happened today that i simply could not pass up sharing {or asking what you think about }.

but first i have to preface it, especially for those of you who are newer to my blog and my ramblings. as you may or may not know, b. {the hubby } and i have been swimming for some time in a sea of questions... longing for a shore of answers.

there's the whole trying to have babies thing. but then there's the whole career thing. we were both laid off last spring and the industry in which we met and have both been in since we graduated from college is drastically changing. those industry changes on top of a struggling economy has only multiplied our uncertainty and fears about the big "what do we do with our lives" question. needless to say, these big life questions only lead us to one more big question. "should we stay where we are?"

we are both working again, but both of us had to go back for less money, as well as less hours for him recently, and even more recently, less hours for me. plus, i am only freelance as opposed to a permanent employee. so when the work runs out, they will no longer need me. i realize our predicament is something many people have had to face, so i am not looking for your sympathy here. i'm just setting up the story... the true story.

well, there have been some mighty tough days for us. this was one of them. i thought i was going to go in to work after a doc appointment and be there for a full {or at least close to full } day. but when i got to work, there was very little for me to do, and the projects that are in the works are sort of on hold. i'll have some work to go in for in the next day or two {i hope!}, but it's still sort of scary when this happens. not to say i minded having the time off. that is always nice! but paying bills is better than time off if i had to choose one or the other.

so i was discouraged. so was b. we both had been for a couple of days. the shower head is broken, and we can't even go get a new one until one of us gets paid. it's normally not quite that bad. we just happen to be in a short waiting period, and the timing was bad. still, it's little things like this that can start to weigh on you. when you are juggling bigger weights, the little ones thrown on top can sometimes throw you off balance, you know?

so i called him while i was driving from the doctor to work. we talked a bit about our frustrations. i told him i'm trying to hold it together {through my tears, of course }. and he said, "i know." he's right where i am, only he copes and processes a little differently than i do. but he was sweet and kind, and then he told me something that i did not quite believe when i heard it. not because he is the unbelievable type. but because it was just so crazy coincidental to believe.

because we were on the phone, he just gave me the short version. but tonight after he got home from working out, we made our island earlier than usual, and then we both kicked back on it to talk and tackle what small amount of life stuff we had the energy for. it was then that i got the full, detailed story.

okay, just one more thing before i tell you what he told me. b's parents live in florida. they moved there almost ten years ago. we visit when we can, and they come up to visit us as well. but after my dad died three and a half years ago, it really got b. thinking about wanting to be closer to his parents so we could see them more. now, he hates humidity, so florida is not quite his cup of tea. colorado has always been more his kind of state {except georgia, of course!}.

but if you know me, you know i love heat and sun and don't mind humidity one bit! i lived in florida for a short time as a child. it's safe to say i'd move there in a heartbeat. so when discussion of moving has been put on the table this past year, austin, nashville area, colorado and florida have all come up. but as of recently, we've been highly leaning toward florida.

the hard part is, it's very tough to find a job somewhere that you do not live. and it's very hard to pick up and move somewhere without a job lined up. so it's a catch 22. thus the uncertainty we've been under, and the questions that have us feeling stuck... mainly, "should we go to florida???"

finally, the good part... what he shared with me. while my husband was driving to work {and i believe every word he said }, he had been praying like he always does when he drives to work. praying and asking for direction and answers about all those big question marks we see. he told me his words weren't "give me a sign" or anything like that. but he was definitely asking for answers and direction and help.

almost immediately after praying this, he saw a big box smack dab in the center of the road {right on the lane divider }, and in big letters across the side of the box, it said "FLORIDA" and nothing else. now, we have to assume it was a crate or box of oranges that fell from a grocery truck or something like that. but how random for that to have happened in that very spot, at that very time, for my husband to see right after that very prayer.

i'm sort of a believer in signs... probably the biggest reason the movie signs is one of my top five favorites. i think we can receive them a million different ways. i believe i've had signs throughout my life. i really do. so i'm leaning toward the opposite direction of "this is just a coincidence". and even if it is, it SO made our day. we laughed with delight about it, and that alone was worth it happening, even if it's not the answer to all our problems and questions.

i just had to go looking for this photo that i took almost two years ago, and add my little message to it just for this post. it fit perfectly. oh... and i added the little heavenly light for effect, too. i couldn't help myself.

so i ask you. coincidence or sign?


Hi Kooky said...

Hmmm. Good question! I don't know. I think only you guys can say. I'd say try taking a couple of steps in that direction and see what happens. Pray and step and see if you find peace and certainty, or if you find it seems wrong. If you don't get a strong feeling one way or the other, try another step. Keep praying and listening... Just my two cents' worth.

Very interested to see where this leads! I love your sign photo. Oh, that God's messages were always so obvious and lovely.

Tam said...

I too strongly believe in signs, especially through prayer.

Elaina M. Avalos said...

I don't think it's a coincidence. I mean there may have been something crazy that happened that made it fall off a truck or something. But I do believe that God uses those things to speak to us.

There's an older woman (in her 70's) in my Bible study. When her husband had cancer and was near death, she took a walk on the beach (they live on the water). She was praying and asking God for strength to get through because she was taking care of him so needing the physical strength but also, she was losing the love of her life. Her husband always uses to give her a thumbs up when she would walk in the room. He couldn't talk anymore so that's the way he let her know he was alright.

So there she is that day, walking on the beach and crying and pouring out her heart. She asked God to show her that He was hearing her prayer. And right at that time, she looked down in the sand and there was a piece of wood that looked just like a hand with a thumbs up!

She still has it in her kitchen. And he passed away something like 17 years ago. So yeah, I do believe God speaks to us through things like that. Her heart was comforted and she felt strengthened to get through. And she still looks to that as a tangible way God comforted her.

I would still do a lot checking and research on the job/housing front (I've been out of work since Jan 2009 so I know where you're at) but I would definitely see that as a form of encouragement to look in that direction.

Kim Klassen said...


i'm all for signs... always...

i love your story... so amazing...

thank you for this most fabulous share.... truly wonderful...

big sigh.... see you tomorrow my friend...


Ann Marie said...

oh how i love this post. i am unemployed temporarily while i wait to start graduate school and wait for a couple of yoga studios to open where i'll be teaching...everyday i wonder what i really want to do with my life, and wish i had a job to help pay the bills with. anyway, this post spoke to me. thank you for being so open and vulnerable.

Jennifer White said...

I completely and whole heartedly believe in signs...I've had many {so many I can't count} happen in my life...but the difficult part can be reacting to those signs. Oh, the decisions one has to make! I truly feel that seeing this crate/box allowed you both to continue the discussion but possibly with even more of an understanding on "how" to make it happen (?) Who knows... if you open your heart and mind to the possibilities of signs, I think it can only make things a bit easier to take... at least my spin on it... xo

georgia b. said...

you guys are awesome!


sign or not, it was so nice to hear from you all on this.

ginny said...

perfect : ) i love it when the universe offers up these perfect moments x

but i cannot see your photo.... it is not showing up here on my screen?


slommler said...

Oh it most definitely is a sign!! It is time to move to Florida! I got a sign to move to New Mexico about 20 years ago. I was very ill and praying about what to do. Should we move because my asthma was so bad. This nurse comes in and says, "So you are from New Mexico?" Blew me away because that is what I heard in my head. Go to New Mexico...we did and have been blessed beyond measure!!
Go my dear one...go!

beth said...

I am 100% a sign person !

ps....I can't see the photo :(

georgia b. said...

uh-oh, ginny. not sure why you couldn't see it. is anyone else havig that trouble?

i changed the setting on the photo, so hopefully you can see it now.

Angela H. said...

i can't see it either.

smith kaich jones said...

I am a believer in signs and no questions asked. PS - I can't se the photo either.

:) Debi

Rochelle said...

i'm sooo sorry it's been so rough lately, friend. my heart aches for you. :( i know you weren't looking for sympathy, but just so you know, you have it from me anyways. ;) because i care about you and what's going on in your life. i'm praying for you guys!

i absolutely believe in this sort of stuff. trust me, it happened several times to me before i got the hint about taking my first job out of college which later landed me where i am. i believe God knows some of us need these kinds of signs and he arranges them to help guide our way. not that you have to move there to honor God in your life, but that maybe there's something there for you that you don't get here. and as much as we'd miss you here, it's definitely something to consider. the Bible tells us to put Him to the test. i think signs are a way to do this.

keep pressing on. keep testing him to see where it leads. keep praying for doors to open or shut depending on where he wants you. but either way, no matter where you go at the end of the day, know that you can honor & glorify him with your life no matter where you are... and that you are loved no matter where you are. :)

georgia b. said...

well, hopefully i fixed it. but in case not, i posted the photo again separately.

please let me know if it shows up or not.

ughhh. technology these days!
: )

Meri said...

I'm a believer in signs, but sometimes I don't always know what they mean -- remember the post I did about the heart-shaped mushroom in my soup? (Everyone thought it was a sign that love was about to enter my life, but not so far). In this situation, yours and B's seems a little less random, so I'd say to start sending out feelers and see what happens.

jill said...

I vote "sign"! If you guys need a push, this probably was it. Can you both stay with his parents for a little while so you don't have to make a huge commitment just to test the waters?

georgia b. said...

i wish, jill.

but it's a bit of a small place for four adults.

my suggestion to the hubby is to sell 75% of our belongings {which we wanted to do anyway} and use the money we make to rent a place there for a month or two while we look for jobs.

who knows. we shall see...
: )

Jamie said...

GO! GO! GO! I feel strongly about this. :)

Jamie said...

GO! GO! GO! I feel strongly about this. :)

margie said...

it sounds like you would be leaving less and gaining more. when are you leaving?

Jane said...

Great photo. WOnderful story.
No coincidences in life.

Alicia said...

definitely a sign. the universe works is such ways... :) what a crazy happening!

good luck figuring it all out... although i wouldn't be against you two moving to colorado eventually :) s and i want to end up there when we leave nyc (although i don't know when i'll ever want to leave nyc... someday i'm sure i will though! & when i do, it'd be way fun to meet up for photo days with you!!!)

georgia b. said...

funny you should say that, alicia... just after we decided on applying for a job in florida, we heard that b's brother applied for one in colorado. we laughed, 'cause if they were to move there, then his parents probably would too, which would mean we would!

yay! maybe we WILL be neighbors some day!
: )