happy sunday. cloudy here, but no rain yet and the sun even poked through a couple of times. i'll take it!

i just had to write for a couple reasons. one... to say thank you to those of you who read my most recent {lengthy } post and for your thoughts and responses. blogging is rewarding in and of itself, but even more rewarding because of people like you.

blanco {two}

two... i had to post these recent pics of my sister's chihuahua... my favorite dog in the world. i would have never thought a chihuahua would be my fave dog, but this guy is so sweet and lovable. and he seems to love me when i visit, so i'm quite partial to him.

anywho, i took these shots at easter. shhhh... don't tell my sister i let him up on the table. {wink }. his name is blanco {which means white }, and i thought he looked so cute in this mostly white breakfast room, complete with white twinkle lights. {this is one of my favorite rooms in her apartment.}

speaking of blanco, remember this photo of him that i posted a while back?

i had joked about him being a well-read, cultured chihuahua when i posted it originally. well, now you have to see this librarian-esque photo of her other chihuahua, bambi {here }. it made me giggle! apparently, book-smart and intellectual are at the top of blanco's list for the things he looks for in a mate.

hope it made you giggle, too. have a great second half to your weekend!


Heather said...

Happy Sunday! Enjoy :)

slommler said...

Those are adorable puppies!! Love the photos. The one with glasses made me laugh!
Definitely cultured pups!
You have a great Sunday too!

S. Etole said...

I'm sure your sister will never suspect ... :-)

Angela H. said...

:) Just saw this now...

mrs mediocrity said...

So cute and so sweet!