happy earth

the essence of spring

i'm so glad that i live in the part of the world,
where earth day falls in spring.

not that summer, autumn or winter
wouldn't do.

it's just that this time of year,
when everything is saturated with newness,
seems an appropriate time
to celebrate the beauty of this earth
and remind ourselves to take care of it
and not abuse it.

how sad it would be
if there were no more trees like this one
because they were all removed
to make way for shopping plazas
or roads to get to that shopping--
nothing natural left
because of our consuming ways.
i know i would be disheartened.

as much as i like to take pictures of buildings
and power lines
and trains
and other man-made things,
i'd be sad if our man-made-madness
overcame the nature
we all are privileged to see and enjoy.

i want to be a good steward of the small patch of earth
that has been entrusted to me.
every year, i try to adopt more and more
good habits of being less wasteful
and more mindful of preserving
the resources that i
am privileged to receive.
each year, i'm learning to do my part.
lots of little ways...
like these.
{just to name a few }

that said, i hope you are enjoying your corner
of the earth today.
i know i did!
another sunny gorgeous day!
we've had so many lately,
that i feel renewed and replenished.

tomorrow is friday!
i so need the weekend to be here.
we will be getting quite a bit of rain.
but that's okay.
this big ball in the sky needs it.

happy earth day.

"the earth is the
Lord’s and the fullness thereof,
the world and those who dwell therein..."
psalm 24:1


slommler said...

Would you believe my earth day, though in spring as well, had dark skies and snow!!!!!! You heard me right! It snowed! My poor peach tree was in full bloom too! Sigh! That is the joys of living up in the mountains. You just never know what your weather will be. Just two days ago it was 73 degrees! LOL!
But still, I am loving spring! Beautiful photo by the way.

Steve Gravano said...

Happy Earth Day to you too. Love the color combo in the photo, awesome.

georgia b. said...

thanks, steve. the original shot's coloring was so much different. i played with it in photoshop until i got the dreamy colors i was going for.

thanks, sue!

jam said...

Thanks for inviting me to your blogs. I love looking at all your photos and reading your thoughts. Looking at your tree and flower pictures inspired me to get a closer look at the ones that are in my own neighborhood.

mrs mediocrity said...

loving that photo...gorgeous! I am glad to see other people thinking about the earth...enjoy your weekend!

georgia b. said...

thank you, kelly.

i think about it more each year, because i realize with age just how much i consume needlessly. i guess it's something that comes with maturity. too bad it took me so long. i think about how much i've wasted over the years. better late than never, though.

Michel said...

love love this, what wonderful colors! happy belated earth day to you!!

Claire said...

the interplay of light and pink in this photo makes me yearn.