she made me cry

for my mama

yes, yesterday was easter.
{and i hope you all had a beautiful celebration.}
but yesterday was also my sweet mama's birthday.

because it was easter,
we did not get to see her,
as she is very involved at her church.
{but don't worry... we all celebrated easter
and her birthday the day before at my sister's...
which is when i took the above photo
of one of her lovely table center pieces.}

anyway, i just had the chance
to watch a video of my mother's performance
in a monologue as mary, the mother of jesus...
part of an easter presentation at her church yesterday.

it simply made me cry.
i cried...
because my mom is so beautiful at 67.
because she is so talented.
because she has such an amazing heart.
because i have come to know her as a friend
more in the last several weeks
than ever before in my life.
because she has an unshakable faith
that inspires me more than anything in the world.
because she is the epitome of beauty.

go here and watch,
and you will witness that beauty for yourself.

i love you, mama.
you perfectly played the mother of christ.
but you perfectly are the mother of me.
happy birthday!


Heather said...

Lovely tribute to your mom . . . I was just thinking about my own mom and how complicated it can sometimes feel to be the grown up daughter to our mothers. Thank you for sharing!

S. Etole said...

silent awe, Georgia ... she's beautiful, as is her message

slommler said...

So beautiful and a wonderful message. What a fabulous tribute to your mom!! I am sure you bless her as well.
Happy Birthday mom!!!!

Steve Gravano said...

Beautiful, such feeling and emotion.

Meri said...

She's beautiful, like you, dear sweet one. So happy to hear that you are deepening your connection and friendship.

beth said...

oh georgia...
and you look so much like her....omg....the eyes, the mouth.....what a beauty !

georgia b. said...

thanks, beth!

i've always been told i'm a spittin' image of her, so i am not surprised. but i thought she looked so beautiful in this video, so i am very honored and delighted that you said this.

mrs mediocrity said...

beautiful, and so easy to see where you get your talent from!

Kim Klassen said...

oh my georgia..thank you for this...

what a beautiful tribute...and i agree with beth...you look so much like your mom...just lovely!


Char said...

a beautiful tribute

EnnythingGoes said...

just saw this now. tuesday night. 10:42. thank you. this was another bd present! :)

Lisa said...

awww how sweet! mom's are one of the best things, ever.