in search of color : green : one

in search of color

i was thinking the other day...
"i need more color in my life."
i go through stages.
are you the same?
sometimes it's all about color.
others it's basic black or brown or subdued hues.

but i've been seeing some really colorful photography lately.
blogs, too.
so i thought i would try to seek it out as well.
{i sure could use the distraction
and something to set my mind to.}

i feel that in order to add color to my life,
i have to be deliberate and intentional in seeking it out.
in fact, i look around my home,
and it does not scream color to me.
it's very monotone.
{although, there is a LOT of green.}

there have been many times when i wanted a really bright, bohemian room.
you know... with rich jewel tones of every hue imaginable.
but i'm never brave enough to do something like that.

maybe looking for color in all my surroundings will give me that courage.
i missed color week in blog land.
it seems like every year, i realize it's going on just about the time it wraps up.
so mine will have to start a little late.
and i may have to do it on my own.
but that's okay.
i'm just glad i'm doing it at all.

i'm not going to set a time limit or frame on it, though.
i'll just do it as it comes for as long as it holds my attention.
so today begins a new little series...


starting with green.
that's an easy one!
there's more green in my world then i could put in a year's worth of posts.
as i said, my home is filled with green.
and the outdoors... well, you know!!!
it's summer!

but there are so many shades and tones of this one color that we know as green.
so i think this one could hold my interest for a while.
and hopefully yours, too.

just in one single tree
with just a few changes to exposure levels,
you can get so many shades and tones of green.
so with that, here is my burst of color for the day.

green {5}green {3}green {1}green {4}green {6}
i think i could get lost up in this tree.
a tree house perhaps?...

i guarantee... there will be more greens to come.
well, i'm off to the farmer's market
where i am certain i will find more color!

and i'll take suggestions... which color would you like to see next?


Hi Kooky said...

I love the limey-ness of these greens! Somehow it reminds me of summertime as a kid. I really don't mind which color you do next - I love 'em all.

Jenny Schouten Short said...

Wow! Love that green. When I was in college I had a lady I took my ironing to. We did that then. Once, when I picked up my basket of neatly folded clothes she brought outside to the car, she looked up at the sky and said, "Isn't it good the Lord made the grass green? Can you imagine it red or purple or brown? Such a soothing color." That has stayed with me for many, many years. When you go to Ireland you know what she means. 40 shades of green they say.

georgia b. said...

oh, jenny... now you have me dreaming of ireland again. if i ever make it there, i'll be in heaven!

i believe it... 40 shades!

slommler said...

Loving the green!! It is amazing how many shades you captured in your photos!
I would like to see you tackle orange. That can be a tough one

chasity said...

great greens....what tree is this? a walnut? love the little leaflets. and the pretty sunflare in the last one.

i would like to see your interpretation of blue since i did mine today :)


georgia b. said...

susan, i really was thinking of orange next. after green, that is the color i have most of in my home. i just find that color hard to photograph, so this will be a challenge!

chasity, i look forward to blue. i need more blue in my life. i can't wait to work on that one!

Lisa said...

yes, let's build a tree house! it's something i have always wanted. :) love this fun new project!

Rochelle said...

I love green - especially lime green -- it just makes me smile (maybe because it reminds me of summer deck parties sipping margaritas? ;->).

Meri said...

A fine display of green it is, too. Next, how about the full range of oranges. like slommler said.

Steve Gravano said...

Wow, I love how alive these photos are. My favorite is the first one!

georgia b. said...

okay, meri and sue. orange it is!

thanks all.

oh, by the way, chasity. i'm not sure what kind of tree this is. but i know i love it! it's one of my favorites of the trees that grow in this area.

S. Etole said...

I always enjoy the typography you do and your unique photos ...

mrs mediocrity said...

over the winter at the blue muse I did a poetry series on color, it was so much fun, I love that you are doing this, it is such a great way to make yourself see the world in that slightly different way...

georgia b. said...

oh, i'll have to check that out! i thought you did something recently with color on blue muse, too, didn't you?

i agree. it is a good way to see things differently. i hope that is the result... for me AND for others!

darrah parker said...

I was inspired by your green photos and posted a little green photo on my blog today & used GREEN as this week's Slice of Life Tuesday challenge. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sandy K. said...

Georgia - you have to be careful when you go on a mission like this. Last summer I had a "color" fixation and ended up with red shoes. I still love them! I also thought it was the start of something big, yet I still look at my blacks and beiges and think I need more color. We have to start somewhere, I guess.

I do love your spring greens, and how you strung the photos together to speak to us at the beginning. Lovely blog today.

whoisnell said...

oooo.. i love green.. green is my fav colour.. i've been reading your blog and i find it inspiring.. thank you so so much!! have a great day ^*^