i'm glad there's a you


dear angela,

how lucky am i to have a sister and a friend to celebrate my birthday with. not everyone can say they came into being at the very precise moment as another. not even fraternal twins can say that. but us identical twins can.

you have known me longer than any other person i know. we've seen it all, haven't we? how incredible life can be. how enormous and full. how fleeting and delicate. what a blessing to have another person along side throughout the days that we have here on earth. we ought never to waste a single one of them, no?

i wish i could write you a song, but that talent does not lie within me, rather it is b's. i wish i could make you jewelry the way you can for me. but that talent does not lie within me either. i wish i could have a star named after you, but that costs a pretty penny.

what i can do is take for you a picture... of an enormous and full {figuratively}, fleeting and delicate creature... this butterfly. i took many more of the little guy, but this was my favorite. and so this is what i give you today. because it's free, and i have a camera {actually, two cameras, thanks to you}, and because i have the talent and desire and freedom to do so.

i'm looking forward to celebrating our birthday together. can't wait to see what vintage dress you will wear.

happy birthday to you. i love you, and i'm glad there's a you.

~your twinnie, georgia

{p.s. let's do this again.}
{p.p.s. do you see the subtle "A" for angela in this photo? i just noticed it!}


Angela H. said...

Yes, I do, G-bug!

Happy Birthday, Womb-mate. I love you.


Oh, and that's a gorgeous pic!

Rochelle said...

Oh how sweet!!! Happy birthday to you both. I love hearing you talk about your twin sister - it's such a beautiful thing to have a twin.

Oooohhh that subtle A is very cool!

beth said...

happy happy birthday sweet georgia !

most women are blessed when they have a sister, but to have an identical twin sister, well i can't imagine anything more perfect than that.

so happy birthday to angela, too.....and that faint A...well i saw immediately and it gave me goose bumps !

slommler said...

Happy Birthday to Angela and to you!
Hope you have a wild and wacky celebration!

Becca said...

I love this beautiful photo. So delicate.
Have a lovely Birthday!

georgia b. said...

thanks, gals!

Oliag said...

Happy Birthday Dear Georgia...:)

margie said...

happy birthday to both of you!! the subtle "A" is amazing.

mrs mediocrity said...

incredible. i have so missed your pictures, that one is a real treasure.
happy birthday to you both...

georgia b. said...

thank you, all!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Georgia and Angela! (Though I am a little late) I hope it was the best! <3

georgia b. said...

thanks, lisa!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hey you beautiful souls happy birthday to you both. Hope you have a great day in each others presence.
Take care hugs D.

Steve Gravano said...

Happy birthday, and that's a fantastic butterfly photo.

georgia b. said...

thank you, steve!

great to hear from you!

Jaime said...

It looks as though I have missed a few celebrations in your life!
What would it feel like to be a twin? I imagine it would be so comforting to go through life with a partner in crime...someone who's always got your back. An indescribable bond.

Happy Birthday sweetie...belated too..sigh.