how mine does skip when i hear yours

i love you!
dear baby-b,
today i went to check on you.
the doctor wanted to check on me... and you
{now that you are almost at sixteen weeks}.
but it was more for me than him that i went to see him.

you see, i had a pretty good idea everything was going well.
after all, i'm gaining weight.
my belly is ever-growing.
and you still have me feeling quite nauseous,
which is a good sign.
{oh, and don't think you're getting away with that little stunt.
we're gonna have words when you arrive!
just kidding!}

still, i sometimes rub my tummy
and wish that i could feel you kick this early on.
sometimes i just need peace of mind
that you are there and everything is okay.

well, today, the doctor put that funny little instrument
on that funny little bump that wasn't there just a few months ago
to have a listen.

it took a second or two.

i held my breath.

but then i heard it.

bum... bum... bum... bum... bum
like sweet music to my ears.
your tiny heart, beating rapidly... more rapidly than mine.

a happy sigh of relief.
a smile.
i need to hear from you now and then, you know.
i just need to be reminded that you're there.
thanks for letting me know.

i took this photo, and i sent it out to you.
my longing for you to be was so great.
and my heart ached to have you.
i was wishing "you were here"
in my heart.

and now you are.
you are in my belly.
you are in my heart.
and your beating heart makes mine s k i p- a- b e a t.

can't wait to meet you, dear little one.
by then, the snow will be melted
and so will my heart.



Sharon said...


Kelly Sauer said...

Oh, I am so excited to get to follow you on this journey - I love your heart here!

Steve Gravano said...

Life is such a beautiful thing!

nacherluver said...

How beautiful. Would make a precious moment in a book to baby. I can feel your elation in your post. Hugs.

Lisa said...

Awwww, so precious! <3

avant garde design said...

georgia!! i am soooooooo crazy happy for you guys, just wanted to say. you are going to make the most amazing mom! i can't wait to follow your journey toward childbirth and then seeing, finally, baby-b. you must be beside yourself happy. sending lots of love your way friend!!

Meri said...

Just be waiting for the flutter of butterfly wings inside you. It's a gentle as that (at first). And don't let anyone tell you it's gas..... it's Baby-B for certain.

Jenny Schouten Short said...

There is no greater joy that you will experience than expecting a baby. That is...until she or he arrives. Then your heart wil burst! Get ready. xoxo

Dyche Designs said...

What a beautiful post it brought a tear to my eye.

Hi Kooky said...

ahh - I remember those special moments. So great to read as you go through yours. :)

Sandy K. said...

I am SO excited for you! What an exciting adventure you are embarking on, and I'm glad you're taking us on the ride with you. Thank you! My prayers are with you for safe and trouble-free times. Joy! Happy New Year! (I really AM going to have to stay updated on my blogging visits - I miss so much when I'm "away.")

mrs mediocrity said...

and that just melted mine. Happy New Year to you.

beth said...

oh georgia....i remember that feeling. when we got pregnant the second time, which took forever, i didn't believe the doctor when he said i was....peeing on a stick was no answer for me. i needed proof. so a blood test was ordered and even then i was still hesitant in believing. BUT once that heart beat was heard....OH YEAH....now that's a baby !!!

thinking of you !

Stacey said...

Pure sweetness.

I started my blog several months after my second was born. Armed with a point and shoot camera I wanted to document our lives as it was becoming evident there was no way I was going to keep up with any baby books. If only I could go back in time when I was pregnant with my first and document these moments that you are going through (bringing along my current DSLR and photography skills too!). I just "met" you and yet I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to read more.

Claire said...

love love love to see that mama b at the bottom of your post.

thank you for choosing my photo as a favourite.

your are gold inside my heart.


nell said...

congratulations! it warmed and saddened me at the same time to hear others are becoming a mom!
wishing you a healthy pregnancy throughout ^*^

nell said...

congratulations! it warmed and saddened me at the same time to hear others are becoming a mom!
wishing you a healthy pregnancy throughout ^*^

Joy said...

That is so sweet and I am so happy for you.