guest blogger

today, i invited a guest to write on my blog... my little isaac.
he had a message for his grandma that he wanted to send via my blog.
so without further adieu, here is isaac.


dear grandma,

mom told me that you called and wrote
to say that you miss me and want to see me again
and that you aren't sure when you can make it for another visit...
but you would like to see some recent pictures of me
until you can come see me again.

so mama gave me the photos
that she recently took of me
to post on her blog and send to you with a message.

as you can see, i was just sleeping in mama's nursing pillow after she fed me.
i found it to be a rather comfortable little spot to sleep.


some people may think i'm not really smiling below...
that it's just gas causing my lip to curl up like so.
but i WAS smiling.
i was thinking about getting to see you again
{which i hope is soon}.


here i am with papa.
he was holding me on the couch... and holding my hand in his.
mama saw how precious it was,
so she ran to get her camera.

big and little

on another day,
i was discovered sleeping on daddy's chest.
so she ran and got the camera once again.

my little man with my man

well, i just wanted to say...
i hope we can meet again soon.
i've changed so much just in the short time since i've seen you.

maybe mama will take me out to see you in the next few days.
until then, i'll be sittin' around just sleepin' and dreaming of you.

i love you.

your adorable grandson,