trying to beat this menacing heat

trying to beat this menacing heat

like much of the country, we are in the midst of a long heat wave here in the midwest. it's funny how having a child can change some of the ways you have always been. i used to love hot, humid weather. the more hot and humid it was, the happier i was. and i was never an air-conditioning kind of person. in fact, even when it was available to my surroundings, i always preferred open windows with fans to cooling off in front of an air conditioner.

but now that i have the little squirt and the knowledge that extreme heat is not the best place to be for the very young or the very old, i've got a whole new perspective. i want cool, dry air in my home and car... not for me so much, but for isaac. living in the second-story apartment of a vintage house is not very ideal in this kind of weather. it heats up in our place very quickly. and with the layout of the home, it's difficult to get really good ventilation. so, although we have window air-conditioner units in each of the bedrooms here, it's hard to get movement of that cool air elsewhere in the house.

thankfully, we are going to be getting central air by the end of the week... when the new furnace is installed in our basement. our landlords decided to have this done, as the furnace {which is currently original to the home and only capable of producing heat for winter} kept breaking down during the cold months... another temperature situation not conducive to a little one's living space.

we used to have a wall air conditioner unit in the dining room. but after one use {on the first hot day we had this summer}, it went kaput... really bad timing.

i'd like to think that getting central air on thursday is good timing. but it would be even better timing if this heat wave would have held off until next week.

so, we patiently wait it out... hoping to get through these scorching days without too much misery. i'm actually currently sitting in the warmest part of the house... the corner of the dining room where the computer is. but as soon as i am done here, i'll head back to the living room to sit with b. and isaac for some ten o'clock sitcom re-runs and raspberry sherbet.

nothing beats heat like refreshing sherbet! if only isaac could partake, too {as opposed to sweating profusely while he nurses on warm milk}. poor little guy. of course, he's young, innocent and not yet knowledgeable enough to know what we adults have come to deem comfortable. he's probably more content than i realize. i think we can all learn a lot from the little ones who don't really complain unless they need to nurse or they need a diaper changed. {*wink*}

here are a few more shots of isaac that i took during his fan-filled nap on our king-sized bed.

letting go


Hi Kooky said...

It may be a scorcher but he looks quite content! And adorable!

Jenny Schouten Short said...

He's so content and beautiful. I lived in New Orleans with a newborn and know how you feel. Glad your landlord is putting in central heat and air. xo Jenny

SueAnn said...

He looks cool and content for sure! Fabulous photos!

Steve Gravano said...

He is adorable! God bless you and your family.

nacherluver said...

What a perfect little being. So content too!

mrs mediocrity said...

What a little sweetheart! Hope that it doesn't get too much hotter before everything is in place!

Ashley Sisk said...

How sweet - when it's hot like this, I think the only thing you can do is sleep.

beth said...

i remember those warm nursing moments....i actually remember nursing one of the kids in just a diaper and me in just my undies and no other clothing ;)

i can't believe how much he's grown....and i can't wait to meet him and hold him and of course TO PHOTOGRAPH him :)


S. Etole said...

He is precious ... that's for sure. Hope you are having some relief from the heat.

Ryan Brennan said...

Congrats again Georgia! Love the pics!

Sandy K. said...

He's absolutely perfect, and looks quite comfy:). Having a child does, indeed, change your perspective. Forever. And it's worth it. I"m glad all is well in your kingdom.