a world of his own

isaac and socktopus

as i write, my little guy is next to me, asleep in his bouncer. sometimes when i watch him sleep, it seems as though he is dreaming. and then i think to myself, "i wonder what babies dream about."

whatever it is, it must be limited, as they have so little life experience to draw upon. or maybe it is bigger than our dreams, because their little imaginations are more vast... untainted or uninfluenced by the "real world"... no limitations.

well, no matter what the dreams are of, hopefully they are peaceful. they seem to be. sometimes i think maybe he is remembering what it was like inside the womb. but for all i know, they are not yet capable of that sort of recollection.

isaac had a long morning. normally, he would spend it leisurely sitting or laying around at home... even sleeping for much of it. but he went with me to my six-week postpartum doctor visit, which was with the doctor who delivered him. it was really cool to see the doctor meet him again and for the nurses to meet him for the first time. i suppose when you give care to a pregnant woman for nine months... watching them grow and change... it's nice to finally see the end result.

isaac was an angel as usual, too. as we sat in the waiting room, he was alert and quiet and content... so much so, that i thought for sure my luck would run out, and he would either fall asleep or get fussy and cry as soon as they called us in. but he did not. and everyone was delighted to see him with eyes wide open and a perky disposition.

my appointment went well... all is as it should be. i'm healing the way i should, and there is no need for any further appointments. i figured that would be the case, but was relieved none the less.

it was sort of strange to be back there. toward the end of my pregnancy, i was there once a week. so being away for six weeks after the birth felt more like several months. i kind of missed going in for those office visits. everyone was very interested in my progress for the last few months of my pregnancy... anticipating along with me, the birth of this baby! you really get to know the staff and even form bonds with them. so it was truly nice to see them all again today.

i had such a good experience with my doctor and the nurses in the office, as well as the nurses at the hospital. i will recommend their care to anyone!

anyway, now we are back home, and isaac is plum-tuckered from his unusually busy and social morning. he is "out cold" next to me {so much so that not even the banging hammer of a carpenter on the outside of our house is not waking him}, and i gush with pride every time i look down at him sleeping. but more than that, i thank God for such a gift!

the photo above is when he was napping at grandma's a couple days ago. the little socktopus that sits beside him was hand-knit by my cousin and sent to him. how cute is it?... almost as cute as he is, no?

perhaps he is dreaming of being under the sea...


Cathy H. said...

This is the most precious picture!! He is so peaceful and beautiful!! Love the octopus!!

georgia b. said...

thank you, cathy.

spread your wings said...

so precious. his little outfit matches the octopus's socks

georgia b. said...

hee hee... i noticed that too, lesley.

Joy said...

Well, yes, he is precious, but I like the octopus too! She should sell them!