shooting for the stars

twinkle twinkle

i feel bad, because i have been very sporadic and infrequent with contributing to the year-long picture inspiration workshop i am a part of. {i've only contributed five of the twenty-four weeks so far... yikes!} i might not feel quite so bad about it if i had bought the workshop membership myself. but one of my blog friends bought it for me as a gift, so i feel as though i should have posted every week for each prompt. however, life is just so busy for me right now, so i am sure she understands. i mean, there are days when i forget to eat or simply don't have time to take a bathroom break. so taking a photo for a workshop prompt would certainly need to be put on the back burner on days like that.

but yesterday's prompt was to "shoot for the stars", and i had one staring me right in the face as i sat and read the e-mail prompt from tracey. so i knew i had no excuse to skip this week's assignment.

this mirrored ornamental window {wall} hanging is up all year, even though i only intended it for decoration during the holidays when i hung it at christmas one year. it hangs on the vintage craftsman window that i have propped up on the sill against my dining room window. i have photographed it before. but this time, i took more time with it... trying to get something somewhat artistic. i had a little fun with the processing, too... by adding some twinkle.

it's actually not so little. it's almost a foot tall. but "twinkle twinkle little star" was fitting to add, as i find myself singing that song to isaac often these days.

speaking of songs to sing to isaac, i feel like my repertoire is very limited. surely he is tired of hearing me sing the same old, same old.

got any suggestions?


Oliag said...

I love this shot... and personally I think babies and kids like to hear the same thing over and over and over...it is just the adults that get tired of it! Just wait until Isaac wants to have the same book read over and over...or watch the same video over and over...:)

Heather said...

I agree with Oliag. Isacc will love the song(s) you sing and will delight in the ritual of certain songs at certain times of day. Our kids loved to hear their own names in the songs we sang to them. "Daisy, Daisy" was easily subbed out for our children's name for many, many years. Do you know that song? Fun :) Other favorites have been "You are my Sunshine" and "Climb Sunshine Mountain."

Andrea said...

So pretty. Nice, soft colors. And I love the twinkle you added.
I would have to agree that babies like to hear the same song over and over. It's soothing somehow.

georgia b. said...

good point, gail.

i guess i should have known, 'cause he continues to smile more and more, each time i sing these same songs. =)

Relyn said...

That is an INCREDIBLE image! WOWOW!!!!!

SueAnn said...

Such a beautiful photo!!

Sagging Skin said...
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georgia b. said...

thanks, all!

and thank you for the suggestions, heather! i had not tried any of those yet... except for "you are my sunshine"... but only once or twice for that one.

Wanda said...

What a nice, artistic shot, made even better by your post-processing.

As far as songs go, have you tried "Row, row, row your boat"? That would be a good motion song for when he is a little older.

angiephoto365 said...

Beautiful image - it's funny because I had been absent for Picture Inspiration for awhile as well, but I was inspired this week to get back into it (haven't yet but hopefully today).

Congrats on beautiful Isaac!!! So very happy for you!

georgia b. said...

love it, wanda! i've already started singing it to him. thanks!

thank you, angie. so nice to hear from you.

Sandy K. said...

Love...love...love this image, Georgia. I need a good star image so now I'll start looking a little more critically at things I see. The angle is wonderful. As far as song...Pretty Little Ponies, Bye-bye Blackbird, You are My Sunshine and Shine on Harvest Moon were my own daughter's favorites. She's now singing them to her son and my heart grows warm inside. Anything you sing will connect with him...just keep making connections:)