a thousand and few

sunkissed coneflower
"when words become unclear, i shall focus with photographs.
when images become inadequate, i shall be content with silence."
~ansel adams

i had a very long post written about something heavy on my heart... about how silence can be powerful... how it can be powerfully productive or constructive, but how it can just as easily be powerfully destructive. sometimes even more destructive than harsh words or negative communication... how sometimes people use silence to send an even louder message than what an audible or written word ever could... how i am experiencing the kind of silence that causes a friendship to wither and how painful and hurtful it is.

however, i found that expressing my thoughts on the matter seemed either too pointless or too personal... but even more than that, unclear.

i understand very much how the term heavy-hearted came to be... the hurt of being given the silent treatment literally feels like a weight in my heart. it prevents me from writing much of anything at all, even if i were to choose to push that hurt aside and instead focus on the good things in my life. it's just that kind of day. and it is why i am relieved to just post a picture or two sometimes. not just to post them, but to take them in the first place... therapy.

today, this image is sufficient for me.


Ashley Sisk said...

hugs my friend - I'm not sure exactly what you're feeling by I can understand. I love the image.

Stacey said...

And a beautiful image it is.

Hugs and prayers to you. xoxo

Andrea said...

so pretty...love the light.
silence can be an overwhelming beast. I remember learning in some sociology class or psych class in college that the worst you can do to another person is ignore them (or be silent) because at least when people are saying negative/mean things they are paying attention to you and acknowledging you exist. Hang in there. Hugs to you. A

SueAnn said...

Silence can be so hurtful at times. Sorry you are experiencing this.
Hugging you

beth said...

i'm in that place right now....i friend has decided to give me the silent treatment....not because i did or didn't do anything, it was just a choice they made for themselves...and it's painful. i'm trying to remind myself of one of my many mottos....everything happens for a reason....but it's not working....yet.

thinking of you !!

Steve Gravano said...

Beautiful photo. I find photograph to be therapeutic sometimes. Know that you are loved, that all that matters.

maryanne said...

what a gorgeous photo.sorry for your "down" time.