forty reasons i did not get to doing a list today


all forty reasons are in my last post {which i finally finished}... each reason being each of the photos.

i decided not to do a list for my thirty days of forty series on 9 | 11, but instead just post forty photos from my day. but it was a much bigger endeavor than i thought it would be. what was i thinking???... i should have known. forty photos for one post? yikes! i'm glad i did it that way, though. the photos i took will be a treasure to me always.

anyway, it is the reason i have no list today. yesterday's post took me all of last night and much of today to do, leaving me no time for a list today.

i promise to be back with a list tomorrow.


beth said...

you have a baby to take care of.....no worries or hurries on the 40 anything....take baby isaac out and enjoy the fall day. we're not going anywhere !!

georgia b. said...

i think i will, beth! it's another beautiful day here!