because some of you asked for updates from time to time...

as you might know from my last post, i've decided to stop blogging regularly. but since a few of you asked for updates every once in a while, i figured today would be a good day for one such update... and some photos to go with it.

october 15, 2011 {yesterday} was a very special day for us three b's.

we decided to go back and do exactly what we did one year ago for our anniversary... it only seemed fitting, because last year, we went to our favorite coffee shop in the morning and then to a local bog {nature preserve} to celebrate ten years of marriage by walking around and enjoying a beautiful autumn day. as we walked around the bog, we talked about the fact that we might never have children and how we had come to terms with that possibility... and even if that were to be our lot in life, we were content and happy to have each other.

little did we know that isaac was already growing in my belly as we were expressing those very thoughts. we were to find out the next day when my suspicions about why i felt so "different" led me to buy a pregnancy test.

this is why we just had to take isaac back there this year for our anniversary. it was a truly special day.

. . . . .

anyway, here is a short "moving picture" i made of mr. b and isaac walking toward me on one of the trails...

animator gif

and here are a few... a bunch of photos from our day. {enjoy!}...

{mr. b took this one... obviously... at the coffee shop. isaac was not cooperating here. i think he was just ready to get going to the bog.}

{he's doing a little better here, but still antsy to get going.}

{now we're at the bog... isaac started out in a good mood. but it did not last long.}

{isaac was still smiley, so i used a picnic table as a tripod to get a shot of us all.}

{extending your arm out as far as you possibly can always works, too.}

{isaac's mood is still good. but after a little bit of walking, he began to seem uncomfortable.}

anniversary_11_1-76 anniversary_11_1-74 anniversary_11_1-73 anniversary_11_1-72 anniversary_11_1-69 
{yep... there it is... that point when his contentment turned to discontent.}

{i'm so glad mr. b is getting more and more comfortable with the camera so that he can take some pics of me with isaac. i love this one of us.}

anniversary_11_1-61 anniversary_11_1-58 anniversary_11_1-54 
{this is one of my absolute favorites of the day. oh, those feet!}

{i loved this one, too... a close-up of me holding him.}

{after several minutes of crying as we walked, he finally settled down... i guess he was pretty exhausted.}

{as is usually the case when we all go on a walk, mr. b and isaac are often way ahead of me, because i lag behind to take pictures. here they are on the trail that leads out to a little lookout tower. it took quite a while for us all to get there.}

anniversary_11_1-46 anniversary_11_1-45 anniversary_11_1-40 
{once i finally caught up to them, i got some pictures of them sitting on the steps... they turned out to be some of my favorites of the day.}

anniversary_11_1-39 anniversary_11_1-36 anniversary_11_1-35 anniversary_11_1-33 anniversary_11_1-32 anniversary_11_1-29 
{love those paws!}

anniversary_11_1-27 anniversary_11_1-25
{this shot was my very favorite from the day. if i was only allowed to post one photo, this would have been it.}

{hey, look who's in a good mood again!}

anniversary_11_1-15 anniversary_11_1-9 anniversary_11_1-7 anniversary_11_1-6 anniversary_11_1-5 anniversary_11_1-4 anniversary_11_1-3 anniversary_11_1-2 
{after walking the entire loop {about two and a half hours}, we took a little rest before heading back home.}


. . . . .

{and now for the nature photos i took. this above photo was specifically taken for my picture inspiration assignment... called "hand-held".}

anniversary_11_1-106 anniversary_11_1-102 anniversary_11_1-99 anniversary_11_1-98 
{the above shot is one of my favorite nature shots of the day.}

{i'm not sure what this plant is, but i loved the white berries on the red branches.}

{the big open fields of prairie grass were the most fun for me to photograph.}

{and once i got home, they were the most fun to process, too.}

{i enjoyed trying out all sorts of different processes on these photos.}

{this one is pretty close to the original.}

{but i went for a more vintage effect on the above two shots.}

{and now back to the s.o.o.c.}

anniversary_11_1-21 anniversary_11_1-14 anniversary_11_1-12 anniversary_11_1-10
{last, but not least... a few photos of the many colors of leaves we saw throughout the day.}

there you have it... that's what the three of us have been up to lately. we came home, took naps, and then ordered some delicious carry-out thai food. can you believe we're in the thick of autumn? it came so fast! it seems like it was just june, and i was nine months pregnant!

i hope you are enjoying your fall season. i'll try to pop back in around thanksgiving... or maybe before.



SueAnn said...

Beautiful shots! Couldn't tell you which was my fav...they are all fabulous!!
What a beautiful day you had

Deborah L. Tisch said...

Thank you for the lovely update! It's so good to see the smiles on your faces, to see your wonderful photography. I'm glad you are being kind to yourself with your blogging and with your family life.

Blessings to you and yours...

Nate Heldman said...

beautiful pics, as usual. and they help us keep up with isaac since you live 2 million miles away. :-)

happy anniversary, too! we're looking forward to dinner with ya next week. say hi to B and I.

beth said...

xoxoxo......the three of you are a beautiful family !!

spread your wings said...

it looks like a wonderful day indeed. your husband seems very comfortable in front of the camera and your little Issac is so beautiful - such creamy skin and big blue eyes. love the nature shots as well ; )

Oliag said...

Oh I am so happy for the update! Happy Happy Anniversary! Issac is growing in leaps and bounds as they say:) and you both look so happy:) I could never in a million years pick out just one favorite picture here:)

S. Etole said...

What a blessed family the three of you are. Your photos speak love so well.

Wendy said...

Georgia these are gorgeous! I absolutely love that you went back to such a special place with baby in tow.

Thank you so much for commenting on my post. I recall so clearly what a challenging stage my boys were at when they were 4 months. Now that they are almost 7 and 4.5, I would love to go back to that time, though. I miss it so much. I hope you found some wonderful time in the middle today. xoxo

Sherah said...

I agree with YOUR favorite :) Plus, the one where he's all smushed up on your shoulder, hat almost over his eyes, chubby hand on your arm. Love it. What a great day :)