merry christmas, dear friends!

christmas card

i just wanted to pop in
before we leave to go spend christmas day and dinner with friends and family.

we had a sweet, quiet christmas eve here...
just mr. b, isaac and me.
and it was just us three this christmas morning, too.
we spent the morning opening all of isaac's gifts
{no gifts for the big kids this year},
and listened to the time life christmas cd.
after coffee and cookies, of course...
dark chocolate pepperidge farm cookies that little isaac got into.
i caught him in the act, too...
i got pictures of him with chocolate all over his face.
it's no wonder that he loves chocolate already.
i consumed it all the time while he was in my tummy.
anyway, it's christmas, so i let him nibble
on the edge of my crispy bordeaux delight.
{shhhh... don't tell.}

i'll be sure to post the pics of his gift-opening
at some point this week.
it was a special time.
we were all so tired.
but it was almost more fun that way.
isaac even got present-drunk after a while...
that's just our term for very-sleepy-but-in-too-much-gift-opening-ecstasy-to-care.

anyway, i just wanted to wish a very merry christmas to you all...
and say thank you for being a part of my life.
blog friends are every bit as dear to me
as in-the-flesh friends.
and so i wish you just as merry of a christmas...
or season, if you are not one to celebrate christmas.

i am one to.
and this year, it was the words of the last verse of o holy night
that struck me the most in regards to why i celebrate christmas and believe what i believe.
the words are...

truly He taught us to love one another
His law is love and His gospel is peace.
chains shall He break for the slave is our brother
and in His name all oppression shall cease.

i just about cry
every time i hear those words sung this season.
{i have a wonderful CD by the cambridge singers
with a version of that song on it.
i tend to listen to it over and over each year come christmas.}
those words always sort of get me when i hear them.
but this year, more than ever.

anyway, i better wrap this up before it gets too long.
i have some things to finish doing
before isaac wakes up from his nap and i have to bathe him
and dress him in his christmas finest
{a sweet little red plaid shirt under a red sweater vest...
mr. b says he looks like a roll of scotch tape when he wears it.}

but before i go...
as promised, the rest of those sweet shots of isaac that i took for our christmas card.
the first shot {above} was going to be the card.
but then i found a great e-card company called pingg,
and i decided to make a new card on that web site
using the last shot below.
many of you received that e-card.
but some of you, i could not send it to,
because when you leave comments,
it's not linked to your e-mail,
and thus i don't have your e-mail address.
if you are one such person,
consider yourself one of the recipients
by clicking here
to view the card.

a very merry and blessed christmas to you!
~love, georgia
christmas card_5 christmas card_8 christmas card_13 christmas card_12 christmas card_2


S. Etole said...

Christmas blessings to the three of you. What a wonderful little sweetheart your Isaac is!

beth said...

i know how special your christmas was this year with baby isaac filling any voids from years past....

and these photos are AMAZING !.....the black and white one looks as if he's been into the spiked eggnog :)


Andrea said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your boys, Georgia. :D Baby's first Christmas is always so special.

mrs mediocrity said...

That first photo is just a gem! (They all are, of course, but that one brought a huge smile to my face.)

Hope you had a most wonderful Christmas, and all the best for a fabulous New Year!

Sandy K. said...

You have been blessed with this gorgeous little one, Georgia. Your photography really showcases his innocence and beauty. Thank you for sharing, and for your blog presence. What a joy this last year has been - what will the new year bring?! Happy New Year!

Stacey said...

Such sweet, sweet photos! He's so adorable, Georgia. I hope you guys had a blessed Christmas!!